Charlize Theron Looks Shocked As Passenger On New Racing Competition Show

Charlize Theron is taking her experience from filming, “Fast & Furious 9” to reality as executive producer for new reality TV racing competition show, “Hyperdrive” on Netflix.

The mother-of-two and superstar actress calls her newest project a mix between “Fast & The Furious” and “American Ninja Warrior.” She even gets into a race car and looks shocked riding as a passenger in the just-released trailer.

The racing series takes street racers from walks of life and puts them behind the wheel of custom cars to test their excellence, mechanical ingenuity, and emotional resilience while driving on what they call, “The biggest, baddest automotive obstacle course ever built.”

The contestants include truck driver, delivery guy, millionaire, model, construction worker, lumberjack and more who put their full-time jobs aside for this heart-stopping thrill of a lifetime.

For the reality competition, an industrial complex has been transformed into 10 racecourses with many obstacles including a lever, six-story bridge that descends down while the car is hanging midair.

The 10 episode show will be launching on August 21st on Netflix.

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