Chrissy Teigen Claps Back At Troll Who Shamed Her For Feeding Her Kids Caesar Salad

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen isn’t here for the haters.

The model recently posted a funny video on her Instagram story serving her daughter Luna and her niece Pasha dinner.

The dinner included fish sticks, Caesar salad and broccoli.

But somone on Twitter tweeted and deleted a message calling out Chrissy for serving casaer salad, which is traditionally served with romaine lettuce, because of the recent CDC warning urging people to not consume romaine lettuce due to an e. coli outbreak.

Chrissy was less than amused and responded to the now-deleted tweet.

“There was no recall on caesar f***ing salad and it’s butter lettuce,” she wrote.

“Imagine thinking casar salad is a vegetable,” she added.

The cookbook author went on to explain why she snapped.

“I am level 10 defensive about my food and level 20 with my kids so this was … the perfect storm,” she explained.

“make the “” face at me and ask why I’m feeding my kid a recalled e-coli veg when I’m not and you wonder why I’m defensive, no ma’am,” she added.

Don’t come for Chrissy’s salads or her kids!

— by Stephanie Swaim

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