Corey Feldman Says After His Stabbing ‘I Could Be Dead In A Few Months’

“I could be dead in a few months,” Corey Feldman told Access host Natalie Morales in a new exclusive interview. 

The actor, who was recently involved in an incident last month where he claims he was stabbed, opened up to Natalie about the events that occurred that evening and why he feels like he’s “running against a ticking time bomb.” 

Corey was stopped at a traffic light on Ventura Blvd. with his security guard on March 27th when he claims two men approached his car,  one by getting out of the car he was in, and the other by driving up next to Corey’s car. According to Corey, his security guard asked them to back away  because they didn’t want any trouble, but that the man continued to “taunt” his security guard. 

In the same moment, Corey claims the driver of the other vehicle pulled out and around to get closer to Corey. 

“My security guy, yeah he said ‘Please go back to your car, we don’t want any trouble.’ And the guy was talking kind of mad. Like saying, ‘Hey man, you know you want to do something. You got a gun, you know you want to do something,'” Corey shared. “Really taunting him. And while this exchange was going on, the guy who’s behind me in the car pulls out. So he leaves his friend standing there arguing. And he pulls out and circles back around to where he pulls up right beside to my driver door.” 

Corey said he locked his door, but the man who pulled up close to him was still able to get to him — and that’s when he claims he was stabbed.  

“I lock the door. He pulls on the door… and he couldn’t get in. It was locked. But then somehow when he pulls and lunges again he opens it with ease. The door just opened,” Corey explained. “I don’t know how that happened. I don’t know if he had some kind of magnetic device or what. But he got the door open, lunged in one time. Stabbed me like that and pulled back out, and that was it.”

Corey, who later took himself to the hospital following the incident and documented what he claims happened on his Twitter account, says he is concerned that he was stabbed with something poisonous. 

“I’m still worried — I mean there’s a five percent chance that it could be something else. We don’t know,” Corey continued. “Just knowing that there’s a small possibility that could be the case is frightening enough… Just to even know that like, god! There is a possibility that there is a poison in me, and I could be dead in a few months. That’s pretty jarring.”

The “Corbin Nash” star also claimed to Natalie that he’s been threatened with blackmail, and there has been a group of people harassing him. He claims it’s all connected to an alleged pedophile ring in Hollywood that targets young male stars. Corey has long claimed he was molested as a teenager, and wants to fund a documentary to expose his alleged attackers. 

“This group of people has been taunting and terrorizing us on a daily basis. They call themselves The Wolfpack,” he said. “They’re working together. They’re shooting these videos. They’re making up lies about me. They’re doing everything they can to drag my name through the mud and try to twist and turn the lies to anything people would be willing to believe. And they’ve been very successful at this campaign.” 

Corey says he is still speaking with police about the “wolfpack” and knows exactly the people who are targeting him. He feels it is “100 percent” connected to his claims. Access reached out to LAPD and they said their Robbery Homicide Division is handling the investigation and as of now they have no updates. 

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