Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Deletes Photo Of His Daughter After Being Dad-Shamed

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson recently received some heat online.

The actor posted and then later deleted a snap of his 3-year-old daughter Jasmine posing by the pool without a swimsuit on, according to multiple reports.

Commenters on the photo didn’t hold back with the action star, lambasting him for sharing a naked snap of his toddler.

“As a mother to [a] female human, please cover her nakedness on media platforms,” one person wrote per Us Weekly.

“I love the Rock but this pic isn’t necessary for social media. They made bathing suits for a reason,” another person chimed in per Fox News.

But some social media users did come to his defense.

“Those who are sexualizing this picture of his daughter because she is swimming with no clothes on obviously don’t know what it’s like to grow up in the islands or in a Polynesian house hold. This is very normal and not sexual in any way with our culture,” one person wrote according to Yahoo.

The Rock isn’t the only famous celeb who’s been shamed for sharing snaps of their kids online.

P!nk previously shared a snap of her little boy without pants and got backlash. Then she re-shared the image with an edit covering him and blasted people on her page.

“There’s something seriously wrong with a lot of you out there. Going off about my baby’s penis? About circumcision??? Are you for real? As any normal mother at the beach, I didn’t even notice he took off his swim diaper,” she wrote back in March.

“I deleted it because you’re all f*cking disgusting. And now I’m turning off my comments and shaking my head at the state of social media and keyboard warriors,” she continued.

“And the negativity that you bring to other people’s lives. There is something seriously wrong with a lot of you out there. Smfh. Here’s a picture of the pelican we obviously caught and abused for hours before dangling baby penis in its face,” she concluded.

— by Stephanie Swaim

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