Eddie Redmayne Wraps Up ‘Pillars,’ Gets Ready To Dance For Kathryn Bigelow

British actor Eddie Redmayne has spent the summer on the small screen, going from an almost-mute young cave dweller to community-saving sculptor in Starz’s epic miniseries “Pillars of the Earth,” which wraps up Friday night on the cable network.

Although the Londoner has a diverse body of work behind him, his character Jack in “Pillars” has something in common with several of his previous gigs, including his part-Native American Gordy in 2010’s “The Yellow Handkerchief” (opposite Kristen Stewart), and as Ken, Mark Rothko’s assistant in Broadway’s “Red” (with Alfred Molina). They all had a penchant for art.

“You know what, it’s a good point,” the actor said laughing at AccessHollywood.com’s observation. “It’s a hilarious thing: when I look back on the past few years of acting, I clearly have like, periods. That started with a sort of incestuous, sexually confused American stage (‘Savage Grace’ with Julianne Moore), moved into [an] Elizabethan/Tudor period (‘Elizabeth The Golden Age,’ with Cate Blanchett), and has now sort of come through this year into a medieval or quasi-damaged stage, so I don’t know where the f*** we go from here.”

It appears his next period in history will actually be the 20th century, as Eddie plays “a chorus boy,” as he puts it, for HBO’s “The Miraculous Year,” a series on the way from playwright John Logan and Oscar winning director Kathryn Bigelow.

“It’s about this extraordinary, incredibly talented family, but what’s hilarious is [they] offered me this part — and I think it’s got a wonderful arc — and when I accepted I was like, ‘Damn! Hell yeah! I’d love to be a part of that.’ And when I came to New York to start rehearsing, and even though I knew I’d been cast as a chorus boy dancer, like a part of my brain hadn’t connected the fact that I would have to actually dance,” Eddie explained. “I mean, I’ve never danced in my life, let alone tap danced.”

Trying new things though is something the talented actor seems to enjoy. Earlier this year, he took on Broadway’s tough audiences in “Red,” a play written by “Miraculous Year” writer John Logan. Thrilling the tough Broadway crowds led to the actor walking away with a Best Featured Actor Tony Award in June.

“It’s in my flat in London… I’ve got an apartment in London that I share with a couple of mates, and I have quite an amazing window with a view over the city of London in my bedroom and it’s sat there perching, overlooking the city of London,” Eddie said of where he keeps his award, later adding, “If it were a person, it has got the greatest view in the world.”

While Eddie’s steadily built his career filled with dramatic and impressively cerebral roles, he perks up when Access Hollywood asks if, like his “Pillars” co-star Hayley Atwell, who is currently filming “Captain America,” he’d have an interest in a big budget superhero film.

“Do you know what man? What I love about it, my work is the variety of it… I [loved] doing ‘Red’ over here in New York and I started reheasing it while still filming ‘Pillars’ actually, and that kind of absurd juxtaposition adds such color to the life of it,” he replied. “So as far as like superheroes? My God, yeah! When it comes to summer blockbusters, you know how all the studios are competing to get an audience for it? I’m kind of their wet dream. I go and see every single blockbuster, no matter how shoddy it is, and I even get off on the trailers. So yeah, I’d love to do something like that at some point, but equally I love my little independent edgy faire.”

“Pillars of the Earth’s” series finale airs on Starz, Aug 27 at 8 PM.

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