Glam Slam: Avoid Tanorexia

With warm weather just around the corner I bet you can’t wait to break out all your cute Spring clothes. Unfortunately, a major concern for many of us is the Winter skin issue known as extreme pastiness!

Pasty skin might tempt us to overdo the self-tanner. Big mistake! We’ve all seen the photos of overly tan stars like Snooki, Christina Aguilera and Paris Hilton… don’t be a victim!

Esthetician and celebrity spray tan artist Sinead Norenius, who has worked with Natasha Bedingfield and Bethenny Frankel and is the editor and chief of (love the name!), is here with tips on how to get a natural glow and combat tanorexia.

1. If you’re using bronzer, self-tanner or getting a spray tan in the Winter or Spring, it’s important to remember what season you’re in. If you’re out in the Winter but your face still looks like it is living in the Summer, you need to tone your bronzer back a shade or two lighter.

2. Test multiple self-tanners if you are new to self-tanning. Not all self-tanners are alike and what looks great on your friend may not look that great on you!

3. Look for a self-tanner that has a dark guide color to show you exactly where you put the product and where you may have missed! It helps to reduce streaking and application mishaps.

4. Use gloves! Save yourself the frustration of having to wash your hands often while applying the product. Brown palms are a big no-no!

5. Don’t sweat, swim or shower for at least six hours after applying your self-tanner or getting a spray tan. Make sure the product has enough time to develop.

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