Glam Slam: Get Your Legs Summer Ready

Jennifer Lopez was on Access Hollywood Live the other day wearing cute shorts from her upcoming Kohl’s line.

Even sitting down, in what could have been an unflattering position… her legs looked amazing.

Which got me thinking about how shorts season is here and it’s time to get the gams in warm weather shape. Beauty expert Rebekah George shares her top tips for achieving great Summer legs:

Exfoliating is a must! Without this step moisturizers and self-tanners can’t even do their jobs. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells that make skin look dull. It also prevents ingrown hairs – an embarrassing Summer no-no. For rough areas, such as your elbows, heels and knees opt for a formula with citrus, which penetrates deeper and works on tough spots.

*Extra tip: Apply after you’re in the shower after a minute so skin is softer and the scrub is less likely to irritate your skin. Be sure to do this a day before you self-tan otherwise, it will eat up your faux glow like Pac Man.

Rebekah’s Pick – ONE Sugar Scrub

Get your closest shave by shaving with a cream at night. Legs swell during sleep, which means you won’t achieve your smoothest shave. Instead try shaving at night when swelling is reduced and hair is most prominent. Additionally, don’t forget the shaving cream, which serves a dual purpose – it prevents against embarrassing razor burn and also if applied against the grain of your hair will cause your hair to stick up and in turn will yield a closer shave.

*Extra tip: Don’t skimp on buying razors. As soon as you feel any pull or drag toss it. Otherwise, you’ll get razor burn. You can also prevent rust on your blade by coating it with a little olive oil and be sure to let it dry off completely.

Rebekah’s Pick – LAVANILA Healthy Body Wash 2-in-1 Shower & Shave

Watch when you wax. If you’re waxing at home, don’t wax oversensitive skin! Beware of medications you take. Stop meds like Accutane and any type of retinols the week before you get a wax, as it increases skin sensitivity and can cause burning, peeling or flaking. Allow your hair time to grow back, always allow for at least 1/2” of growth for the smoothest, most effective treatment otherwise the hair won’t be long enough and you’ll be left with an uneven mess rather than smooth results.

*Extra tip: Plan your wax – don’t wait until the day before vacation because you can expose freshly waxed skin to the sun.

Cellulite is both embarrassing and frustrating and unfortunately there is no fast fix. However, cream specially designed to diminish the look of lumps and bumps can fight the look of cellulite. For maximum results use a gel with caffeine in the morning and cream with peptides or retinol at night. Massage cream onto affected area in a circular motion, this helps to increase drainage and blood circulation which activates the movement of released fatty acids by facilitating their elimination.

Rebekah’s Pick – Jergens Natural Glow Firming Daily Moisturizer

A tube of self-tanner might as well be a miracle in a jar. A self-tanner will get rid of pale legs but will also hide veins and imperfections and even elongate the look of your legs. Don’t want the commitment of self-tanner? Add an instant tan to legs with a lightweight leg makeup safe for total body coverage. A tan leg helps hide the appearance of veins, freckles, bruises and imperfections, leaving the body smooth, supple and Summer-ready.

*Extra tip: Bronze your face and arms, too. A head-to-toe glow actually elongates and helps you look thinner versus just tanning your legs.

Rebekah’s Pick – Lancôme Flash Bronzer Tinted Self-Tanning Leg Gel with Pure Vitamin E and Sally Hansen Salon Airbrush Legs

A bright pop of color on your toes is the perfect ways to polish off a sexy summertime look. Opt for this season’s hottest trend, coral nails. This color highlights a tan and will make your legs look bronzed and beautiful. Be sure to pick a long wear formula that contains a strengthening agent and has UV fade protection. And always remember to use a top coat so that your toes look shiny and are protected from sand, chlorine, salt water and sun.

*Extra tip: Help yours last longer by applying 2 thin coats and be sure to paint the underside of the nail to prevent chips.

Rebekah’s Pick – Sunset Orange Lasting Pro Nail Enamel

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