Glam Slam: Makeup Mondays — Latina Lovelies

One thing I will miss on “Idol” next season is Jennifer Lopez and her amazing fashion and beauty looks each episode. Dang, that girl’s makeup was always FLAWLESS! I would tune in just to see how she looked!

Jennifer, along with Jessica Alba and Zoe Saldana, provide loads of beauty inspiration. These three diverse and outstanding Latina beauties play by their own rules and make unique and individual beauty statements.

Here, G. Anthony Williams, IMAN Cosmetics Master Makeup Artist, shows how to recreate their looks using IMAN Cosmetics.

Inspiration: There is no substitute for the beautiful glow of Jennifer Lopez’s signature sun-kissed complexion; a perfect look for tan and bronzed (“Clay”) skin tones.

Start by cleansing and toning skin with IMAN Time Control Skincare. Then prep face with a light application of IMAN All Day Moisture Complex to leave your skin feeling soft and supple.

Cover any blemishes or discoloration with Second to None Cover Cream Enriched with Minerals using a small brush or your fingertips to blend evenly. Then, to achieve a warm, radiant finish, smooth on a light application of IMAN Luminous Foundation with a slightly dampened sponge to highlight your skin’s natural tone and texture. Blend well.

Lightly groom the brows and fill in with IMAN Blackest Brown Perfect Brow Pencil. To create this neutral eye, use the Golden Romance trio from the IMAN Eye-Con Collection. Use the medium shade to define the crease, run a light line of the deepest shadow along the top and bottom of lash line and lightly wash the entire eyelid with the lightest shimmery shade in the trio. Curl the lashes and apply a coat of Perfect Mascara.

Lightly dust Sand Sheer Bronzing Powder high on the apples of the cheeks, the chin, and lightly at temples.

For the lip, softly line the lips with IMAN Tan Perfect Lip Pencil. Fill in with IMAN Sheer Gold Luxury Lipstick and top off with IMAN Exposé Luxury Lip Shine for a high gloss finish.

Inspiration: The beautiful eyes of Jessica Alba say it all. Balancing a dark sultry eye and a light nude mouth is a gorgeous contrast; especially on a fair to olive (“Sand”) complexion.

Prep skin with IMAN Time Control Skincare. Smooth on IMAN Second to None Cream to Powder Foundation. Blend well. If needed, use IMAN Corrective Concealer to hide any imperfections.

Underemphasize the arch of the brow by lengthening its horizontal shape using IMAN Perfect Brow Pencil. Then line the inner rim of each eye with IMAN Black Shimmer Eye Pencil and smudge into lashes. Wash the entire eyelid with IMAN Vixen Eye Defining Powder. Extend into the inner corner of the eye, the crease, and along the brow bone.
To add sultry drama to your eyes, encircle the eye in IMAN Black Magic Eye Defining Powder, making sure to blend and soften the edges. This can be done to varying degrees, to create more or less intensity and a softer or fuller look. Curl lashes and apply a heavy coat (or two) of IMAN Perfect Mascara.

Dust IMAN Allure Luxury Blushing Powder on the cheeks, extending upward toward the bottom of the eyes. Line lips with IMAN Tan Perfect Lip Pencil and fill in with IMAN Scorpion Luxury Lipstick. Then add IMAN Impetuous Luxury Lip Shimmer to finish.

Inspiration: The classic red lip makes a bold glamorous statement that says “WOW” with Zoe Saldana’s beautifully shaped cat eyes and highly defined eyebrows; the perfect compliments to a bronzy-brown (“Earth”) complexion.

Cleanse tone and moisturize the skin with IMAN Time Control Skincare.

For a photo-ready finish, cover entire face using Iman Second to None Luxury Liquid Makeup Enriched with Minerals. Set foundation with IMAN Second to None Semi-Loose Powder Enriched with Minerals.

Using the natural arch of the top of the brow as a guide, define and shape brows to end in a thin definite point using IMAN Perfect Eyebrow Pencil. Apply a thick line of smudge resistant IMAN Liquid Eye Liner in Onyx along the top lashes. Set liner with the dark shade from IMAN Mysterious Luxury Eye Shadow Duo along the upper lashes, concentrating on the outer corner.
Softly define the eyelid by applying IMAN Nutmeg Luxury Eye Shadow onto eyelid. For definition, apply the highlight shade from the IMAN Mysterious Luxury Eye Shadow Duo to brow bone. Lashes are curled followed by a generous coat (top and bottom) of IMAN Perfect Mascara.

Apply IMAN Peace Luxury Blushing Powder onto the cheekbones.

For lips, apply IMAN Red Luxury Lipstick using a lip brush for precision. Following your natural lip shape is only one option. Exaggerating the fullness of your lips allows you to use lip color in a more provocative and decorative way.

It’s up to you to decide when, where and how your look is defined. Push past your own personal boundaries and create your own rules!

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— Ryan Patterson

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