Golden Globe Diet Tips From Heidi’s Guru David Kirsch

Meet the man behind Heidi Klum?s post-baby body: David Kirsch

The 2007 Golden Globes are just a week away which means that diet time ? for the stars anyway, is running out.

The good news? We know how some of the stars shed pounds quickly. David Kirsch author of the The Ultimate New York Diet is their secret weapon.

?This is the plan I put Heidi Klum on after she had her 2nd baby and it was great,? he notes. ?Heidi hit the Victoria?s Secret Runway just eight weeks after she gave birth.?

Here?s how it works:

Phase 1 Ban Bloating Foods: ?The first phase is the most restrictive,? David tells Access. ?No more egg nog and champagne.?

Also no dairy or fruit for two weeks. ?You lose all that bloat, you feel great, more energetic,? he says.

Phase 2 Eat Healthy Carbs: In the second phase, you will eat really healthy carbs like lentils, beef and tuna salad with tomatoes.

Phase 3 Load Up On Lean Proteins: Lean proteins include lean meat, a lentil loaf or a bowl of eggs.

David?s tip is to eat hard-boiled eggs when you are hungry. ?We hard boil them in the morning. Keep them on the counter and pop them in your mouth every time you are hungry,? he said. It?s one of Heidi?s favorites.

Extra Tips

Protein Shakes: If you?re short on time and need a quick snack try a protein shake. ?This is perfect for Access viewers,? David says. ?Just a little water and a packet of protein and a little hand blender.?

Add in whey protein, fiber and flax seed. That gives you the fiber fruit would give you, David notes.

Therma-Bubbles: This is another of David?s favorite drinks and one stars us ? When they want to get red carpet ready,? he notes. ?You want to look lean and you want your butt nice and perky and everything flat and not jiggling around,? he asks. ?It?s a fat burner and an appetite suppressant.

The ABC?s:

A: ?No alcohol. And after the holidays, it’s a good thing. We don’t need it.?

B: ?No bread.?

C: ?No starchy carbs. Cut down on the dairy and no fruit for two weeks. You wanna just clean it out. Clean out the sugars, clean out even healthy sugars, fruits, clean it all out. Lose the bloat.?

On the Go Dieting: ?Here?s the reality,? says David, ?the New York way, you have five minutes to grab a meal, all you need to do is pop a really good protein shake, I’ve got a line of supplements that have been really good, and just mix it up.?

Last Minute Dieting:
?I?ve worked with some of my girls for three days, four days and the diet I think is key when you only have a few days. You wanna stay away from dairy, you wanna stay away from any sugars & fruits. You wanna be nice & lean, flat.?

What about exercise? ?You need to exercise & diet at the same time, really maximize it, fat burning & cleaning out,? David says. As for which machine is best at the gym? ?Get on the rowing machine. Get off the treadmill. It?s a bigger bang for your buck.?

More Super Foods: ?Almonds,? says David. ?Not general nuts. Raw almonds. You want organic almonds. They?re very healthy. And, I think psychologically, it’s crunchy and it kinda feels like maybe we’re cheating. It’s a good thing. So almonds are big.?

Meal Count: Five meals a day recommends David, ?every three hours.? And as for eating at night? ?You wanna try 7 [AM] to 7 [PM]. Outside of that is the red zone,? David says.

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