Harley Quinn Smith Praises Dad Kevin Smith After His Response To Online Criticism On Her Instagram Page

Kevin Smith recently took a different kind of approach when
he saw a nasty comment posted on his daughter’s Instagram page.

The director and “Comic Book Men” star took to Facebook, where, next to a screenshot of the comments, he attempted to inspire the commenter to use the time
they spend posting negative comments for making their “dreams come
true” instead, and daughter Harley Quinn couldn’t be more proud.

“My dad is obviously — I love him as a father, but
he’s just honestly such an inspiration to me and… I just think he’s such an
excellent human being,” Harley Quinn told Access Hollywood when asked what she thought of her dad’s post while on the red
carpet at Variety’s Power of Young Hollywood event, presented by Pixhug, in Los Angeles on Tuesday
night. “I base everything I do off of him… even his approach. … When
you see something like that, especially attacking your daughter, you have so
much anger built up. No one wants to see any family member be hit like that,
but my dad is always one to never fight fire with fire and to just always kill
people with kindness. So, I really am inspired by him and his approach to life
and I just respect him so much.”

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In his Facebook post, Kevin suggested that the Instagram commenter (whose remarks no longer appear to be on his daughter’s Instagram page) should find more positive things to do with their life than writing unkind posts on a teenager’s social media page.

“You want attention? Don’t make yourself mad, make something original and fun. Because if you’re not being useful in this world you’re being useless. Don’t be useless: go make stuff that makes people happy,” he wrote.

WATCH: Harley Quinn Smith On Her Dad’s Response To Social Media Haters

Asked for her advice to young people who may face similar situations in the social media landscape, Harley Quinn told Access Hollywood that you just have to remain positive.

“The internet is both an amazing thing and a horrible thing,” she said. “It gives people an anonymous platform to just say whatever they want, and obviously that can be very dangerous, but sometimes, it could be very positive. And my best advice is just to keep on doing you and to contribute as much positivity as you can and as much positive change into the world that you can enact yourself and to not let naysayers or negative Nellys or whatever get you down because that’s just someone whose just trying to ruin your day or just wanting to be negative for  no apparent reason.

“And that’s just not something that you should ever left affect you because they don’t know and even if they did, it doesn’t matter. You should just keep doing what you do and be positive and don’t let anybody get to you because it’s just stupid online whatever — just people trying to be nasty and you don’t need that,” she added.

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