Healthy Hollywood: A Model Inspiration To Spin!

In today’s Healthy Hollywood feature: Healthy Hollywood is in full on recovery mode! Talk about being overheated from both a sweat-fest cycle session and a roomful of super-hot riding partners.

Last night, I lived out every gal’s fantasy, I took a spin class with the sexiest, most chiseled men on the planet. It was just me (and a few other lucky gals) and gorgeous male models, like Tyson Beckford, Chad White, Marcus Schenkenberg and Justin Hopwood.

Yes, it was a treacherous call to duty, but I survived! Ha!

“There’s a lot of testosterone in here,” Chad White told me before we strapped on our shoes.

The guys, who all couldn’t have been sweeter, came out to cycle for a good cause. Their modeling agency Soul Artist Management teamed up with the spinning hot spot, Flywheel Sports to fly for the kids and help raise money for the Boys and Girls Club of America. So, not only are these guys genetically gifted but they also have huge hearts.

And, let me tell you, these guys take their cycling seriously. “There are a lot of bets going on here. I already had one guy staring me down saying I could only wear one shoe. I know

I have my competition here,” revealed Chad. “I have been working on my bike for hours. I need to be sure my bike is fitted properly. I can’t afford any unnecessary fatigue,” added Justin Hopwood.

Even Tyson admitted to being a bit intimidated, adding, “It’s kind of like going to a casting call, these are all the guys you’re going to run into. These guys are way younger than me, they’re half my age. So, I’m just happy to be able to keep up.”

As for me, Chad assured me I would be ok, joking, “These guys look strong, but it’s just looks. They haven’t eaten in weeks.” So, game on – I jumped on the bike and sweated it out with my new male friends for a good hour. The Flywheel Sports workout is intense and I was dripping wet by the end. Not exactly the look a gal wants when spending time with a bunch of guys. But, I got a lot of high fives for making it to the end and even got a sweaty hug from a shirtless Tyson. Now, the question is, do I ever wash the t-shirt I was wearing again or simply soak in all their male sweat the next time I wear it?

On more informative note, Tyson did share his secret to staying in shape. “Try to get yourself active at least 30 minutes a day. The biggest mistake some people make is going to the gym and start lifting weights, that’s the wrong thing. You’re going to be sore and not want to go back. I always tell people to start off with walking on the treadmill and the do a light jog and then a run. Try and do that for two weeks and get on the cycle. What you want to do is trim the fat first, then build muscle. So, I always say start off with cardio to trim it all off and then build muscle.”

— Terri MacLeod

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