Healthy Hollywood: Brooklyn Decker’s Football Fantasy!

Gorgeous model turned actress Brooklyn Decker might be every man’s fantasy gal! She’s got a body to die for, a mega-watt smile, a good sense of humor – plus she loves football. 

She’s the perfect gal for any football crazy guy – and which guy isn’t a bit nutty now that football season is here!

Too bad the “Battleship” actress ended up marrying former tennis pro Andy Roddick. “I know I was football fan long before I was tennis fan,” confesses Brooklyn to Healthy Hollywood.

Brooklyn admits in the Decker/Roddick home both of them have fantasy crushes on New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Who doesn’t?

But, Brooklyn reveals her husband is the football widow during the season. Growing up in North Carolina, Brooklyn is a huge fan of the Panthers.

“I think football is something very nostalgic for people. Of course, many of us have our hometown favorites. So, when you have a pro team you grew up with it reminds you of fall, the games you used to go to, and how you get to be a total lunatic as a fan. I think it’s just freeing. People really enjoy getting lost in the sport. It’s the purest form of entertainment,” adds Decker.

So, it makes sense, Brooklyn has signed on as a paid spokesperson for Visa to launch their campaign “Footballentine’s Day,” an occasion to thank loved ones for putting up with them and their fandom throught the NFL season.

“I’ll probably be sending 18 roses to my husband, just to let him know that I’m probably not going to be as present of a wife during football season,” jokes Brooklyn.

Besides being busy on game day, Brooklyn also shares she’s working on a new Netflix series called “Grace and Frankie.” “It’s really new, but so far, it has been a dream come true to be on that show.”

Between football season and her acting, Brooklyn tells me she’s slacking a bit on the diet front. “You’re working and you’re doing red eyes and you rely on the quickest, easiest thing, which is never a good choice. I could use a little advice there.”

Somehow, I think, Brooklyn will never let herself go on the healthy living front!

— Terri MacLeod 

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