Healthy Hollywood: Get Movin’ Monday – Carrie Underwood’s On-The-Go Fitness Tips!

Carrie Underwood is the ultimate gal-next-door beauty. I interviewed the five-time Grammy winner the other day at the launch event for her new gig as the face of Olay skin care and she’s an absolute delight.

All smiles and no attitude – and I must say she’s got the newlywed glow, gushing to me about her hockey player hubby, Mike Fisher, adding, “Marriage is working out really nicely.”

The next thing I couldn’t help but admire is Carrie’s unbelievably fit body. The 27-year-old shares her fitness routine in October’s Women’s Health magazine, stating outright, “I’m very health conscious.” And, it shows!

Currently on a 100-plus city tour, she reveals in Women’s Health that exercise and good nutrition are musts on the road. She travels with her trainer and works out four to six times a week. Carrie, who tells the magazine her legs are her best asset, typically exercises for 90 minutes. And, if the hotel gym isn’t up to par, she and her trainer improvise in her hotel room or hit the outdoors, revealing, “We did a beach workout, running on the sand, which is hard.” Carrie’s trainer Eve Overland calls the singer’s body “rock solid” and shares with Women’s Health their road warrior routine.

Carrie’s 7 Steps To A Rock-Hard Bod:

1. Warm-up:
Carrie starts off with 10 to 15 minutes on treadmill.

2. Stretching:
Next comes a series of stretches and yoga moves that focus on muscle groups that tend to get tight.

3. Body-Weight Exercises:
Then, it’s a series of pull-ups, lunges, and pushups. Reps vary. She might do a pyramid structure (10 reps, followed by 20 reps, then 30 reps) or the clock (20 seconds of intense exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest).

4. Strength Training:
Next, lateral step-ups on a bench with dumbbells (or swinging kettleballs), as well as lat pull downs and leg extension work. Usually it’s high reps with light weights.

5. Cardio:
Lift first, then cardio. Running, boxing, and jumping rope are all part of the drill.

6. Abs:
According to her Carrie’s trainer, crunches keep her core “amazing.”

7. Cool Down:
Finally, Carrie does a little stretching, usually incorporating the foam roller.

And, that’s it! Phew! I’m just exhausted writing down Carrie’s intense workout plan. For more info on Carrie and her healthy lifestyle check out

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