HGTV Makes History Featuring Their First Throuple On ‘House Hunters’

HGTV is making history.

The network featured it’s first-ever throuple (three people who are in a romantic relationship with each other) on their hit series “House Hunters.”

The episode showcased Geli, Lori and Brian who were looking for a house in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The episode also showed more about their relationship.

Lori and Brian are legally married and share two kids ages 10 and 12.

“I understood from day one, even when we were dating, that Lori was bisexual, and interested in women and men. And so, we evolved to a point where we were comfortable having another woman in our lives,” Brian said in the episode.

They met Geli at a bar and the three fell in love, with Geli, Brian and Lori having a commitment ceremony in Aruba attended by their kiddos.

Geli admitted she never thought she’d be in a throuple saying in the episode, “I didn’t plan on being in a relationship with a married couple, but it just happened very naturally, organically.”

Fans loved the inclusivity of the episode and reacted on social media.

“Omg there’s a throuple on house hunters I cannot WAIT to watch them try to decide on a house together,” one wrote.

“Oh my god. A throuple on House Hunters,” Roxane Gay wrote.

“I was going to go to bed and then the next episode for house hunters is about a throuple so of course I have to stay up,” another fan said.

“House Hunters” airs weeknights at 10pm on HGTV.

— Stephanie Swaim

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