Jackson Brothers Defend Father Joe Jackson: He Got His Family Out Of Indiana

Michael Jackson has previously made many claims about his father, Joe Jackson. But what do the other Jackson men have to say about their dad? Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson found out.

“Do you think the negative things that have been written about your dad have been untrue?” Shaun asked Jermaine, Tito, Jackie and Marlon Jackson, who are promoting their new A&E show, “The Jackson: A Family Dynasty.”

“Untrue,” Jermaine told Shaun. “He’s probably, second to Michael, [one] of the most misunderstood people. And my father is the reason we’re sitting her right now. And because of all the discipline – like we didn’t understand it [then]… but now we do, very clearly.”

The Jackson brothers showed a united front when Shaun sat down to talk about patriarch Joe and his often-criticized discipline of the famous Jackson children in Gary, Indiana.

“Michael talked about how abusive he thought the treatment from your dad was, when he was little,” Shaun said.

“But see, him being one of the youngest at the time, he didn’t understand,” Jermaine said. “My father is no different from any other father that just wanted things a certain way and it was not abuse.”

“He knew what he wanted,” Tito chimed in. “It wasn’t bad what he wanted.”

“I look at it this way: You’ve got six boys in Gary, Indiana, and so I can say that he got those six boys out of Gary, Indiana, and the rest of the family out of Gary and now our name is internationally known throughout the world,” Marlon added.

Sunday, the world will see unprecedented access to the Jacksons in their new reality series, a project that came under fire by critics who suggested it appeared to be capitalizing on Michael’s death, something the brothers say is not true.

“When people say, ‘Oh, you know, now it’s a series and there’s an appearance of capitalizing on your brother’s passing.’ What do you say to these people?” Shaun asked.

“We were letting the world and fans into our lives to see what we were about,” Jermaine said. “It had nothing to do with capitalizing off of anything. We were into this way before Michael’s passing.”

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