Jessica Biel, Kate Beckinsale & Colin Farrell Explain How Total Recall Reboot Differs From Original

It’s been 22 years since Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sharon Stone’s “Total Recall,” and now a reboot is about to debut with Colin Farrell, Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale – so how is the latest film different than the first Martian/memory-wiping sci-fi movie?

“It’s not like the original… tonally,” Jessica told Access Hollywood at Comic-Con 2012 in San Diego this weekend. “Emotionally it’s very different, so it’s kind of a new experience.”

Colin, who takes on Arnold’s lead role, echoed his co-star’s thoughts.

“The original had such a really cool had a really cool sense of humor to it… even the violence was kind of funny there was an absurdity to the film that was wicked that still stands to this day,” he told Access. “Ours is more in the vein of ‘Inception,’ kind of – I’m not even comparing it, because ‘Inception is a masterwork – but it’s more in that vein. It’s kind of more played for the straight drama and action rather than the one-liners and rather than having a kind of a self-aware sense of humor like the first one had.”

Like the original, the reboot will include plenty of butt-kicking fights.

“Colin and I have one [fight] together that’s really intense in the beginning and then and then I have a good try at beating up [Jessica and Colin] later on,” Kate said when asked about the film’s intense action scenes.

Kate said her Lori character (originally played by Sharon Stone) goes to some dark places during the movie.

“My character is kind of a little bit unhinged and kind of very relentless and crazed… it’s really fun,” she continued.

Colin explained that Kate’s past “Underworld” work made her a formidable opponent.

”[She] did hand my a** to me on a plate, yes she did. She’s a very violent young lady,” he told Access. “She’s been killing lycans and vampires for years, so a mere mortal man [like myself] was slim pickings for her!”

“Total Recall” hits theaters on August 3.

Jesse Spero

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