Johnny Weir On His Marriage To Victor Voronov: We Both ‘Fight To Wear The Pants In The Relationship’

Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir has never been shy about showing off his bold, flamboyant personal style – on or off the ice.

But, as it turns out, when it came to his wedding with attorney Victor Voronov, it was a very subdued event – and that’s just how Johnny wanted it to be.

“It was tiny,” Johnny said of his wedding, when speaking with Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush in an exclusive new interview in Sochi, where Johnny is working as a figure skating commentator for NBC during the Winter Olympics. “We were on Worth Street in New York City in a courthouse and once the news broke that we’d gotten married, everyone expected this huge, dramatic [wedding], sort of from the ‘Sex and The City’ movie. But I didn’t want that.”

In fact, even Johnny and Victor’s parents barely cracked the guest list for the 2011 ceremony.

“I wanted my wedding to be super low key and just between us. We weren’t even going to invite my parents. We invited my best friend… and when Victor’s parents found out that we hadn’t invited anybody, they cried and sobbed and said they wanted to come. And then, of course, when we said yes to them, my parents had to come as well,” Johnny explained.

While Johnny and Victor are from different worlds – Johnny a former Olympian and Victor a Georgetown law school graduate – the pair knew each other for a long time prior to tying the knot. But when it came to Victor’s sexuality, it was something he kept very private.

“My husband was actually in the closet until about a month before we married,” Johnny told Billy.

When it comes to their marriage, Johnny admitted it’s not always easy – but it’s always worth it.

“Being married is an adjustment and I’m such an OCD, solitary, confined person that it was very hard to open my life and my home and, in some ways, my closet to somebody else,” Johnny joked. “That was the hardest thing to get over, but being married is blissful.”

While all couples can hit bumps in the road, Johnny admits there are certain challenges that come with being a gay couple.

“A marriage between two guys is different than what I imagine a marriage between a man and a woman [to be],” he noted. “I mean, we’re both constantly trying to fight to wear the pants in the relationship.

“It’s constant fireworks,” Johnny said. “It’s very boom, boom, boom.”

— Eric Anderson

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