Justin Bieber and Jimmy Fallon Go Undercover In Central Park

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What do you mean you don’t recognize them?

Justin Bieber and Jimmy “High Jinks” Fallon hit Central
Park to lip sync Justin’s 2015 hit song “What Do You Mean?” to
unsuspecting fans in New York City.

The video of the undetected duo wearing wigs and mustaches was
shared with “Tonight Show” viewers on Thursday, September 13 when Justin
stopped by the show.  In the funny prank, Justin and Jimmy showed off
their energetic dance moves, including some very impressive flossing– and
even a few park-goers joined in!

Central Park bystanders didn’t seem to recognize the famous pair
as they hid behind newspapers, jumped around sidewalks, played the flute, and
even hitched a ride with a bicycle taxi. The large camera crew may have
tipped them off, but New Yorkers are likely used to these frequent antics!

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It was only until the 24-year-old popstar revealed himself and the
crowd was speechless. Once they realized who it was the true
“Bieliebers” revealed themselves and ran to grab a photo with the
“Love Yourself” singer. 

The video has gone viral as people watch the hilarity that is
Justin Bieber and Jimmy Fallon making total fools of themselves.

Can’t wait to see what Jimmy has in store for
the next “Musical Photobomb!”

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