Justin Long To Return To ‘New Girl,’ Romances On The Way For The Guys Of The House

He was 50 percent responsible for one of the most awkward bedroom encounters in comedy television history, and it appears Justin Long isn’t out of Zooey Deschanel’s “New Girl” life.

Show creator Liz Meriwether revealed the actor will return to the FOX series when sharing details about upcoming guest stars with AccessHollywood.com.

“Rachel Harris is coming up and probably, Justin Long will come back,” Liz told AccessHollywood.com on Sunday at the FOX portion of the Television Critics Association Winter Session.

As for when Justin’s character, music teacher Paul, will stride back into the comedy, Liz said it is still a few months off.

“At some point in the second half of the season,” Liz explained.

In the meantime, love action is heading to the men of the household – with Jake Johnson’s Nick getting a lady first.

Former “True Blood” actress Lizzy Caplan (she played Jason Stackhouse’s V-addicted girlfriend, Amy) is heading into the arms of the bartender.

“He meets her at the bar,” Liz told Access. “He gets kind of good looking girls. He’s gotten Lake Bell. But [Lizzy is] really funny and great.”

Speaking to Access at Sunday night’s FOX TCA party, Jake said his character’s ladylove is anything but normal.

“Our characters meet and my character, I think, asks her out. She’s got a weirdness to her personality that is revealed,” he said.

And the new relationship will create some tension between Jake’s Nick and Zooey’s Jess.

“The guys it doesn’t change anything with, and, I think, with Nick and Jess, because there’s obviously something between them, it just does what happens when you actually have a crush on somebody in real life and they start dating,” he told Access. “Nick and Jess still have little moments, but they’re not [meant] for each other right now.”

It’s actress Kali Hawk (Kahlua in “Bridesmaids,” and Trudy in “Couples Retreat”) who will jump in as the on again/off again girlfriend of Lamorne Morris’ Winston.

“She’s an ex-girlfriend that comes back into my life,” Lamorne told Access, noting many of the scenes he’s already shot with Kali are flashbacks. “We shot a lot of me trying to get her back and then, you know, we referenced something maybe in the future, if I’m saying that correctly.”

And Schmidt (Max Greenfield) isn’t being left out, with two upcoming love connections

“There’s some action with my boss, played by Gillian Vigman,” he said, referring to Gillian’s character Kim, who cornered Schmidt at the photo copier at the holiday party.

Fans of the show saw great chemistry between shirtless showoff Schmidt and model Cece, and Max said they too have something coming up.

“There’s more stuff with Hannah Simone,” he said. “She’s great and fun to work with and I think we’re gonna go down a path, so we’ll see what happens.”

Still, if it doesn’t work out for Schmidt, he can always go the way of the dating services. For those who haven’t seen Schmidt’s dating video – something Max actually put together independently of the show with his friends, CLICK HERE to watch the video.

“We shot it. It was me and two of my buddies,” Max said of the clip, adding he hopes to do more of his own Schmidt flashback videos in the future.

“I have some ideas,” he grinned.

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