Kate Winslet Reveals Matthew McConaughey Auditioned With Her For ‘Titanic’

All right, all
right, all right! Kate Winslet just dropped a major “Titanic” bombshell!

The Oscar winner stopped by
“The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on
Thursday to answer some of the staff’s burning “Titanic”
questions, including whether Kate almost starred
opposite an actor other than Leonardo DiCaprio.

“Paramount wanted
Matthew McConaughey for the role of Jack but [James] Cameron insisted on Leo,
how would that have changed things?” Colbert asked. 

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“I auditioned with
Matthew, isn’t that weird? I never said that in public before!” Kate replied.

Obviously, we know Leo ended up landing now-iconic role. Despite his character having spent more time in the icy ocean
waters, Kate revealed she was the one who got sick from the freezing

“I did get hypothermia.
It was really f***ing cold!” the 42-year-old
actress confessed. She
explained that she believes the vast filming location made it impossible for
the crew to warm the water up.  

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Colbert also brought up a long-debated
topic with his next question, and Kate couldn’t
help but acknowledge his point.

“In the famous line, you
say ‘I’ll never let you go, Jack.’ But you do!” the host said.

“I lied. I know. I know.
I agree. I lie, I fully lie, I hold my hand up, I let him go. Plus, he should
have just tried harder to get on that door,” Kate admitted. 

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This conversation then turned into a hysterical reenactment of the famous scene. With Colbert
as Jack and Kate as Rose, they demonstrated how
Jack could have fit on the door after all.

Rose may have
let go, but even twenty years later fans are still hanging on for Jack!

You can watch the hilarious
interview below:

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