Marc Anthony & Jennifer Lopez: No Nannies Needed

Marc Anthony has hit the road promoting his upcoming “Juntos En Concierto” tour and during a phone-in with “The Billy Bush Show,” he offered an update on his three-month old twins – Emme and Max.

“They’re just big and gorgeous,” he told Billy.

Marc revealed that he and wife Jennifer Lopez handle baby duties all by themselves.

“She expects me to help and she makes no bones about it,” Marc said. “I get the late shift. I get literally from 10 PM because we don’t have a nanny. It’s just me and Jennifer figuring it out. From 10 PM to 8 [AM], that’s my shift”

That’s right – Marc and Jennifer have no nanny for their twins.

“It’s just us man,” Marc said. “We’re figuring it out and having a great time.”

When asked if Jennifer has been working out hard to get her figure back, Marc confirmed his wife is in fitness mode, but more importantly, she is all about their children.

“Yeah, yes she is, but she’s more in mommy mode,” Marc said. “She has three movies lined up and she’s eager to go back to work, but the babies have been a blessing all the way around and she’s just amazing. She’s such an amazing mom and I’m so proud of her. She’s such a gem to watch.”

As for Marc’s tour, he is putting it on in association with financial company ING, who sponsored his tour last fall with wife Jennifer.

ING and Marc have banded together once again to use the tour as a forum to help campaign against childhood obesity, which affects almost a third of Latino children, he told Access Hollywood in an interview on Wednesday.

“Children who are overweight affect the Latino community disproportionately and that caused a lot of concern,” Marc told Access. “As a father, as a man, as a son, as an uncle, I couldn’t get my head around it — why isn’t anybody doing anything about it? And that is where this was born.”

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