Marla Maples Speaks Out On Sex With The Donald – ‘The Best’ She’s Ever Had?

It’s been 20 years since the New York Post proclaimed in a headline that Marla Maples had dubbed sex with Donald Trump “the best she’s ever had,” and now the 47-year-old stunner is speaking out.

“I want to know — I know Donald has connections everywhere — did he plant that?” Billy Bush asked Marla of the juicy headline during an interview on Access Hollywood Live on Wednesday. “Did you ever say that?”

“Let’s put it this way — I think [Donald] had an opportunity to [take] that story out of the papers and he chose not to,” Marla told Billy and Kit Hoover. “That was pretty awful at the time. Now it’s funny to look back on, but at the time it was so humiliating!”

“So you never said it?” Billy continued.

“Did I ever say it? I don’t want to destroy him!” Marla laughed. “Maybe I whispered it somewhere along the way? But not for public domain.”

Marla, a former Georgian beauty queen, wed the famous real-estate mogul in 1993 — two months after the birth of the couple’s daughter, Tiffany.

Though the high-profile couple divorced in 1999, Marla and Donald have been able to maintain an amicable relationship for the sake of their daughter, who is now 17.

“[Our relationship] works because I have the gift of raising [Tiffany] away from the spotlight,” Marla told Billy and Kit. “She [hasn’t] grown up in the Trumpdom. She’s grown up really a kid playing soccer, playing basketball, playing her sports. Pretty regular.

“I’ve been the soccer mom, I’ve driven the SUV,” she added.

As for her unbelievably fit body, Marla credits her bikini-ready figure to a combination of staying active, eating right and positive thinking.

“I played 10 years of competitive basketball… I lived for sports,” Marla explained. “Any opportunity to hit a ball, dribble a ball, shoot a ball, I love it. I love to eat right, drink good pH-balanced water.

“I really believe that what we imagine is kind of what we become, and if you believe young and you believe healthy, it really makes a big difference,” she continued. “But [also] eating organic, and eating more vegetables and fruits than meats and heavy grains, and not making yourself crazy at the same time. You’ve gotta have fun!”

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