Matthew McConaughey Reveals Diet For Extreme Dallas Buyers Club Weight Loss

Matthew McConaughey transformed his fit physique into that of a gaunt HIV patient for his latest role in the critically acclaimed “Dallas Buyers Club.”

The actor shared with Access Hollywood how he managed to drop nearly 50 pounds.

“I ate a lot of fish, but only five ounces of it, and then a cup of vegetables,” Matthew told Access’ Scott “Movie” Mantz at a junket for the drama at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival. “That would be twice a day.

The 43-year-old star, who co-stars with Jennifer Garner and Jared Leto in the movie, did get to eat a small breakfast and even indulge in “some wine at night”!

“People were like,’ You didn’t have wine.’ Oh yes I did!” Matthew said with a laugh.

His calorie-restricting food plan was not enough to drop the 47 pounds needed for his transformation – a strenuous exercise routine was also implanted initially.

“I started off doing a lot of exercise, burning 1,800 calories a day,” he said. “I had to do that for two weeks. My goal was to lose four pounds a week.

“So I was doing that for the first two weeks, lost eight pounds,” he continued. “And then I had a week where I had an injury and I couldn’t exercise, and I stayed on the same diet but I lost the same amount of weight. I was like oh, well hang on. Let me see if I can do this without exercise! And I lost the same amount of weight.”

Matthew said wife Camila’s support in the kitchen was instrumental in his weight loss.

“It helps to have a wife who’s preparing your meal,” he said. “And you don’t take any meetings out at the pizza joint or the buffet.”

“Dallas Buyers Club” his theaters on November 1.

— Erin O’Sullivan

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