Matthew Perry Reveals He Has Spent The Past ‘3 Months In A Hospital Bed’

Matthew Perry revealed that he has spent the last few months in the hospital after having surgery to repair a gastrointestinal perforation.

The actor took to Twitter to break the news. The 49-year-old star tweeted, “Three months in a hospital bed. Check.” The announcement marked Matthew’s first tweet in nearly six months.

The “Friends” actor underwent gastrointestinal surgery back in August at a Los Angeles hospital. A gastrointestinal perforation occurs when a hole forms all the way through the stomach, large bowel, or small intestine, and runs from your throat to your rectum, according to the Health Organization Sepsis Alliance.

Matthew has faced other health struggles in the past. Throughout his career, the star has been extremely candid about his health battles including his struggles with alcohol and Vicodin addiction.

Matthew Perry’s Startling ‘Friends’ Admission
Matthew Perry

“From an outsider’s perspective, it would seem like I had it all,” He told People back in 2013. “It was actually a very lonely time for me, because I was suffering from alcoholism.”

Over time, Matthew worked hard towards sobriety and now owns his own sober-living facility named Perry House. He has also become a voice for people struggling with addiction.

“The best thing about me is that if an alcoholic come up to me and says ‘Can you help me stop drinking?’ I can say yes,” He shared in 2015 with The Hollywood Reporter.

Get better soon, Matthew!

— by Lauren Herbert

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