‘New Girl’s’ Guys Talk Show’s Return

Zooey Deschanel’s “New Girl” returns to FOX Tuesday’s with a brand new episode and things get into embarrassing territory for Jake Johnson’s Nick character, after a naked run-in with his spectacled housemate, Jess.

“My character’s going on a date, Max’s character makes fun of me for having a bit of a gut, and so I get insecure and I take off my clothes in front of my own mirror,” Jake told Access Hollywood Live’s Billy Bush and Kit Hoover of the set up for Tuesday’s episode of the comedy, also involving Max Greenfield, who plays Schmidt. “Zooey walks in and accidentally sees my ‘peen,’ if you will, and it sets off a whole thing about seeing each other naked and living with female roommates.”

FOX put the show on hold for the World Series, just after it got a full season pick-up, but on the day they learned the news about their show going the distance, the cast was thrilled.

”[Creator] Liz Meriwether said, ‘Can I get everyone in a circle?’ She said, ‘I just talked to [FOX President] Kevin Riley – we’re doing a full season,’” Jake recounted.

“I went out and had a little cry,” Max chimed in. “It’s so rare these days you get news like that.”

“New Girl,” centers around Zooey’s character, Jess, who moves in with three guys after a bad breakup, and Lamorne Morris, who plays Winston, admitted he once had a similar roommate situation – in reverse. He lived with three ladies.

“Three of them at the same time. It was ‘Three’s Company,’” Lamorne said. “Three girls moved in, three friends of mine… we had four bathrooms, so it was great.”

“New Girl” airs at 9/8 C on Tuesday on FOX.

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