Omarosa Reveals ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Fights With Piers Morgan Helped Lead Her To The Seminary

On “The Apprentice,” Omarosa Manigault Stallworth came on strong. But, in a new interview with Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson, Omarosa revealed she is now looking to be more saint than sinner.

“We ran into Donald Trump recently and he said, ‘I like Omarosa,’” Shaun recounted.

Mr. Trump has been a wonderful mentor to me and stood by me when a lot of people did not, so I’m grateful for that,” Omarosa told Shaun. “He’s a very good mentor. A good friend.

“When the world hated me, Donald Trump stood by me,” Omarosa continued, breaking into tears.

The sensitive side of Omarosa is not one America is used to seeing, but if all goes as planned, you’ll be seeing a lot more of this now sensitive and devout lady.

“What’s interesting is I ran from my [calling] for two years,” Omarosa told Shaun. “I was like, ‘Really God?’ Like, ‘Me? Really God?’”

Omarosa revealed that heading into the ministry is a grand opportunity she is now ready for.

“It’s an opportunity for me to be obedient and to find out what exactly my role is,” she said.

Omarosa will spend two years studying at a seminary in her native Ohio.

Oh her path to become an ordained minister, Omarosa will have to overcome her celebrity status, something that was evident during her first day.

“Did you ever feel like you were lost in fame?” Shaun asked.

“In the last couple of years, I strayed so far away from my faith,” Omarosa said. “I had a chance every week, in front of millions of people to evaluate my being, and I just didn’t like what I saw.”

It was Omarosa’s dramatic showdown on “Celebrity Apprentice” with Piers Morgan that turned the tide.

Piers called Omarosa a “revolting creature.”

“Piers was looking at me like he was going to kill me,” Omarosa recalled of their arguments, which millions watched on NBC in 2008. “That’s when there’s a line, I have kicked the line, stomped the line, crossed it. I mean, his attack towards me, my attacks towards him, going back and forth, it wasn’t entertainment anymore.”

“Did you enjoy — even a little bit — the whole persona of being the B word?” Shaun asked.

“I loved being the villain,” Omarosa said. “There was something so exciting because it was so different, believe it or not, from my real life. On the personal side, there is a very sensitive aspect of me that I never let the world see because that’s being vulnerable and being weak and I never wanted to be perceived as weak.”

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