‘The Originals’: Riley Voelkel On The Danger Freya’s In, Bonding With Klaus & Elijah

Freya Mikaelson
is about to find herself in a very dangerous situation thanks to her brother’s nutty ex-girlfriend, Aurora, on “The Originals.”

Aurora is going to kidnap his sister Freya in Friday’s episode.
The redheaded vampire will be using Freya as bait to get her ex, Klaus Mikaelson, and his brother, Elijah, exactly where she wants them. And with Aurora now in possession of bullets made
out of the white oak — the only substance that can
kill an Original — and Freya being mortal, all
of the siblings will be put to the test.

Riley Voelkel,
who plays Freya, told Access Hollywood about the drama ahead.

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AccessHollywood.com: What is
Aurora doing to you in this
episode? The trailer has the boys in the forest,
they’re raising up coffin lids and finding them empty. Does
Aurora kidnap you and hide you away and they’re trying
to save their sister?
Riley Voelkel: Yes. I am the bait. She gets me and knows that I am a clear way to getting
them — my brothers. But she also, I don’t think, has any care in the
world if I die or not. She just wants them to come. [In] this episode, I’m
really put in a dangerous situation, a life-or-death situation where I can’t really save myself and
I’m really relying on my brothers coming to save me before time runs out
because it’s [a] really close to death situation. She really needs her brothers
to come through and yeah, it’s one of her first situations where she just
really can’t take care of herself 100 percent in the situation that Aurora puts her in and
Aurora doesn’t care. She wants the boys!

Access: Do you think that
Freya would be stronger if Kol came back 
and was still
a witch [on the side of the living]?

Yeah. I
think, reuniting her family in any way is good for her. I think Kol was an
extremely powerful witch. He created dark objects, he made up his own spells
and all this stuff and I think as powerful as she is — she’s been given
all this power through sleeping all these years — I think she’s still
learning how to use [it all]. And I think Kol spent a lot of years using them and it would be good — definitely — to learn from him and have him there and learn
how to use her power. 

Access: Do you think she
needs a coven at all?
If she
wasn’t a Mikaelson, I think she would definitely find her way to some sort of
coven. I think her coven, in a way, is her family. That’s really all she cares
about and all she wants and I don’t see her really joining forces with or being
devoted to anyone else, so I think she kind of just is a Mikaelson, and she’s
like the witch for the Mikaelsons.

Access: How is her
relationship with Klaus at this point?
Klaus and
her — and you’ll see in the beginning of this episode as well — she still feels
like she has to prove herself to him and she still feels like he doesn’t trust
her and it’s really frustrating for her because she’s basically sacrificing
everything for this family. She’s made it clear that’s all she wants, and that
she has their best interests at heart, and for good reason, I guess, he doesn’t
quite trust her. But you’ll see in this episode, I think one of the first
moments of that changing, and Klaus, Elijah and Freya really uniting and
bonding as siblings and there’s like a really sweet moment between Freya and
Klaus that is one of my favorites of them showing that – that changing.

“The Originals”
continues Friday at 9/8c on The CW.

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