Prince Harry Passionately Talks About Changes to HIV Policy: ‘We Have To Normalize The Conversation’

Prince Harry sat down for a round table conversation about HIV with Mercy Ngulube, CHIVA, and two members of his Sentebale organization on Monday at the International AIDS Conference and shared a passionate conversation about the need for young people to carry the torch when it comes to policy changes in HIV-related matters.

In conversation with Sentebale youth advocates

The Duke of SussexSentebaleMercy Ngulube, CHIVA

Posted by International AIDS Conference on Monday, July 23, 2018

“We have to normalize the conversation about HIV. We have to put the power into the younger generations. There is a generational gap. There has to be a policy change,” Prince Harry said as he he chatted with Mercy, who is HIV positive, and explained that many people don’t know how to talk about their diagnosis.

The Duke of Sussex also admitted that he didn’t have a solution that he could hand them, but he believes that the younger generations should be involved in the policy changes at a government level.

“I think at the end of the day this is about solutions and that a work force is there and it exists in the younger generation,” Prince Harry continued. “I think more and more leaders they should be using the generation and the experiences that you have. I am 33 years old and I already feel out of touch. I think the speed in which things are happening now — there are 200 years of development happening in a space of 2 or 3 years simply because of technology.”

He also added that in some areas younger generations far outnumber older generations, and they are more equipped to provide real answers to the problems they are inheriting.

“My plan has always been the same — I will always use my position to try and give a platform to people like you guys because I don’t necessarily have the solutions. But together… I want to empower you guys and for you to know that you are actually being listened to,” Harry added.

“What has frustrated me in times gone by and years gone by — now there is a trend, there is a theme happening. Now, young people are actually being listened to. We need to make that permanent,” he shared. “Policy change does not happen without the people that are going to inherit this climate and the problems in their country. ”

Prince Harry has taken on the HIV cause, an issue that was very near and dear to his mother Princess Diana’s heart.

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