Rapper Lil Xan Pays Tribute To Mac Miller With Face Tattoo

Lil Xan is paying tribute to Mac Miller after his tragic death.

The “My Favorite Part” rapper died from an apparent drug
overdose last Friday, Sept. 7. 

Just days later, Lil Xan honored his friend with a permanent
reminder of his legacy – a tattoo on his face.

The 22-year-old rapper revealed his new ink on his Instagram on
Sunday, Sept. 9. The tattoo lines the top edge of
his right eyebrow and reads “Memento Mori,” which
is a Latin phrase meaning, “Remember
that you will die.”

“MOMENTO MORI,” Lil Xan captioned the close up shot.
“Miss you Mac,y’all can
start hating me now.”

The new body art joins a collection of other words and symbols that
are tattooed on the rapper’s face, including and upside down cross on his right
temple, a line of dots down his nose, and three “ZZZs” that rest
below his right eye – just to name a few.  

As he suspected, the new addition drew some major criticism from
Instagram users, which prompted Lil Xan to post a second photo – this time a
selfie in the mirror.

“I do this for me,” he wrote, showing off an even newer
tattoo of black liquid dripping under his left eye.

“I could care less if this makes me look ugly because that’s what I
was going for, Ugly is the new Beautiful,well not
really but there’s some truth to that, I love you guys,” he wrote. 

He later explained on his Instagram story that the newest ink was
inspired by Yung Lean and the 1971 film, “A Clockwork Orange,” where
the main character shares a similar design on his face.

Following Miller’s unexpected passing, Lil Xan shared on the
Adam22 podcast that the death of his hero made him want to quit music forever.

The rapper has had an emotional few weeks after breaking things
off with ex-girlfriend, Noah Cyrus. The couple aired out their messy breakup on
social media where Lil Xan felt that he had been cheated on and was being used
by the singer, which Noah vehemently denied.

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