Reese Witherspoon Has Elle Woods Exchange With Enthusiastic Journalist

Reese Witherspoon had a super sweet reaction to a journalist who has a serious love for “Legally Blonde.”

During an interview for Reese’s current movie, “A Wrinkle In Time,” with Oprah Winfrey and Mindy Kaling, journalist Lucy Jayne Ford took a moment to tell Reese about her university dissertation on “Legally Blonde.” 

“I actually wrote 15,000 words on you once. I wrote my university dissertation on Legally Blonde and strong female characters,” Lucy explained to Reese as she handed her a copy of her dissertation. 

“Thank you! That really touches my heart,” Reese responded. “That’s amazing. Thank you. That means a lot to me.”

The interview went on, and then as Reese and her co-stars were wrapping up, she made sure to get in one last Elle Woods reference. 

“I have one question about this—is it scented,” Reese asked about the huge dissertation. 

Lucy quickly quipped back, “I actually put perfume on it before I left.” 

Reese responded, “I know you did!”

The subtle reference, is of course, to how Elle scents her resume in the movie because she thinks it gives it a “a little something extra.” 

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