Rod Stewart On The Daughter He Gave Up For Adoption

Rod Stewart has a child on the way with wife Penny Lancaster, but he’s also still discovering the joys of his eldest daughter, a woman he gave up as a teenager decades ago.

“She was put up for adoption when I was 17 or 18,” Rod told Joy Behar on Thursday’s “Joy Behar Show” of Brit Sarah Streeter. “I was absolutely stone broke and didn’t have a pot to piss in… and so she was put up for adoption.”

Rod said the brunette 46-year-old, learned who her biological dad was after she was an adult.

”[She] found out who her father was about 15 years ago, but she still had her mother and father who looked after her so I didn’t want to get involved and upset the apple cart,” Rod said of not wanting to interfere in her life earlier on.

The two have gotten to know each other, more so now as the couple who adopted Sarah have since passed away. According to Britain’s Daily Mail, Sarah’s adoptive mom, Evelyn, died three years ago.

“Since her mum and dad have died, obviously I’m the biological father, we’ve tried to come together and be close together,” Rod told Joy. “It’s working out pretty well.”

Still, Rod said he never felt exactly like Sarah’s pop.

“I never felt like I was her dad, because I didn’t take her to school, change her nappies, there was no [paternal] thing there, but I’m trying,” he said.

Rod added that Sarah hasn’t milked her biological dad for a thing.

“She’s been good like that, she hasn’t asked me for nothing,” he said. “I’ve sent her a little something every now and then to keep her going.”

During his interview with Joy, clips of which were made available online, ahead of the interview airing, Rod explained why his son, Sean Stewart, was arrested earlier in the week.

“Let me clear up my son’s problem,” he said. “It was all a big mistake, they thought his license had run out, it hadn’t so they let him go.”

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