Sarah Hyland Shows Off Her Baby Bump After Surprise Pregnancy On ‘Modern Family’

Spoiler alert! “Modern Family” is sending us on more emotional roller coasters in Season 10!

After mourning the death of Claire and Mitchell’s mother and Jay’s ex-wife DeDe Pritchett, the hit ABC show dropped another big bombshell! Someone in the Dunphy family is pregnant.

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You guessed it! It’s Sarah Hyland’s character, Haley Dunphy!

In last night’s episode, Haley attempts to put on lipstick while riding in a bumper car and gets hit by Dylan, which sends the lipstick right up her nose.

The couple heads to the hospital to remove the stick of makeup, and after the doctors do some tests Haley discovers she is expecting!

Sarah Hyland (aka Haley) tried to warn fans that they were in for a “BUMPY ride” on her Instagram before the episode aired.

After the initial shock was over, the actress took to Instagram again on Thursday morning to reveal her “bump” that she will be wearing in the episodes to come.

“Well I guess the cat’s out of the bag!!! Or more like the bump’s outta the shirt!….. that was a horrible joke. I apologize,” she teased.

What a “BUMPY” ride it has been! Can’t wait to see what’s next for this hilarious family!

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