‘Scream Queens’: Blood Bath & A Pop Star

“Scream Queens” creator Ryan Murphy promises a Season 1 finale blood bath and the addition of a major
male pop star to the cast next season.

During the “Scream Queens” Fan Fright Fest Q&A
– hosted by Access Hollywood producer Tara Bernie – Ryan
talked the bloody Season 1 finale, and revealed
his plans for Season 2.

“In the last episode, the
mask comes off of the Red Devil,” he said. “You find out who that
person was, and why they did what they did. Then that story is done, we will
never go back to it.”

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Will any of our beloved Kappas survive the Red Devil’s
wrath?! It doesn’t look too hot for this fashionable squad of Pumpkin Spice
Latte aficionados. 

“Three or four of the cast members survive,” Ryan
said of their fate. “The survivors go to a new venue, a horror based
venue, and then they have to fight a new killer, a new villain, a new

With the Red Devil slashing away at the cast, Ryan will cast
10 more stars to join Season 2.

One of those additions to the cast will be a very successful
male pop star.

“I’ve gotten a lot of e-mails,”
Ryan said. “A big pop star… A male pop star next season.”

While Ryan remained tightlipped as to his identity, fans had
their own theories—shouting names like Adam Lambert and Shawn Mendes.

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“Scream Queens” is no stranger to star power on
set with both Ariana Grande and Nick Jonas having
recurring roles this season. Even “American Horror Story:
Hotel” star Lady Gaga has her eye on Chanel
#1’s Valentino bag.

“Lady Gaga wants to be
on ‘Scream Queens’. She watches it – she loves it,”
Ryan revealed.

While we bite away at our French manicure awaiting the
reveal of the Red Devil’s identity, one thing is for sure: With dozens of
A-list celebs dying to work with Ryan, “Scream Queens” will
continue to bring the fabulous to TV.

“Scream Queens” airs Tuesday at 9/8c on Fox.

— Oscar Gracey

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