Selena Gomez Drops By High School And Shocks Young Fans — See The Video!

Selena Gomez just made a bunch of
high schoolers’ day!

The 25-year-old singer was out for a leisurely bike ride with her assistant
Theresa Marie Mingus when she decided to drop by a high school in Studio City,
Calif., and try to go unnoticed. 

Naturally, her fans freaked out over the surprise appearance from
the “Wolves” singer and started asking her to sign autographs. Theresa, who
wasn’t totally prepared for the impromptu fan meet-and-greet, had to call Sel’s
security team. 

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Theresa shared a video of their eventful day on her Instagram story
and joked that she was going to “kill Selena” for thinking she’d go unnoticed
among a group of young fans.

Selena and Theresa’s day didn’t stop there! The singer
and Theresa also biked by Selena’s toddler-age neighbors. Selena decided to ask
her mini-fans if they were indeed a fan of her new song, “Wolves.” 

Unfortunately, this crowd was a little harsher than her teenage fans
— and the neighbors said they didn’t like the new song. Aw! 

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It’s okay Selena, you win some and you lose some!

Kevin Zelman

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