Spartacus Q&A: Dan Feuerriegel Talks ‘Amazing’ End Of Franchise, Hints At Nagron Drama

Starz’s “Spartacus” franchise takes its final bow tonight at 9 PM on the network with the airing of the last episode of “Spartacus: War of the Damned,” but the finality of it all hasn’t fully sunk in for original cast member Dan Feuerriegel.

“It probably won’t hit me until a few weeks’ time when there’s no ‘Spartacus’ to air and you realize that it’s all over,” he told on Thursday afternoon. “At the moment I’m just enjoying the ride and enjoying teasing the fans.”

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Dan joined the series mid-way through the show’s very first season (which then starred Andy Whitfield as Spartacus), as the dreadlocked Agron, who Batiatus (John Hannah) purchased alongside his brother, Duro, and several other potential gladiators.

Agron proved to be a fierce gladiator and a great friend to Spartacus (less so — at least until the final season — to Manu Bennett’s character, the Gaul Crixus), before he became one of Sparty’s most trusted generals.

It’s been a long ride, and in our new interview, Dan shared memories of his first day on the show’s set, as well as offered hints at what’s to come for not only the rebels, captained by Liam McIntyre’s Spartacus, but for the show’s favorite still-breathing (for now) couple – Nagron (Agron and Nasir). How are you feeling? Friday is the last new episode, ever.

Dan Feuerriegel: I don’t know. I think for me, I went through a lot of emotional stuff actually while we were filming. Especially Episode 8 and Episode 10… and a lot of the emotion came from when they made a lot of the references to Season 1. I got a bit emotional then because it was so long ago it kind of felt like a completely different beast and then the emotional roller coaster that occurred after that… It probably won’t hit me until a few weeks’ time when there’s no ‘Spartacus’ to air and you realize that it’s all over. At the moment I’m just enjoying the ride and enjoying teasing the fans.

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Access: What are some of the things that come to mind when you think back to your first day as a member of this franchise?

Dan: Nervousness, just [being] in awe, definitely self-conscious, but in the same token, they all made me feel extremely comfortable. I remember my first day on set because everybody had met me and Ande Cunningham [who played Duro] before we had our dreadlocks and then the weekend after that we had our dreadlocks put in. Then we walked on set and half the people didn’t know who we were (laughs). As soon as they realized [it was us], it became a funny little thing, like we were ‘the twins,’ we were ‘the brothers,’ and that’s how they would [refer to] us because we were always together.

The first scene, I think, was a training scene that we shot and I think I was fighting against Jai [Courtney], who played Varro. It was cool because he was the first one to come up and say, ‘Hello!’ to us when we first got there and he just kind of gave me a few little pointers here and there. He was really nice… It was just one of those moments where you walk on set and you look around and you go, ‘Wow! This is huge and it’s bigger than anything I’ve ever done.’ [I remember] getting self-conscious because everybody was extremely fit and well-built and I had not done any training for a while (laughs), so I had to catch up.

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Access: This last episode is called ‘Victory,’ and if people have studied history or just visited Wikipedia, they know who the victors are. But what do you want to hint at about the final face-off?

Dan: Let’s just say that we definitely give the Romans a run for their money and Spartacus, being the guy that he is, he knows that he is outnumbered like 10 to 1, 20 to 1… He has to use his mind… It’s going to be an amazing bloodbath… It’s gonna be one hell of a bloody conclusion. It’s fantastic. It’s really cool.

Access: Speaking of fight scenes, you’ve mentioned you watch ‘Banshee’ on Twitter. You know how to do a good fight scene – what did you think of theirs?

Dan: They had really good fight scenes! The fight scenes were very different, though. Plus, their fight scenes — if they only have to do one an episode… they could rehearse it, they can make it go for five minutes long whereas, like you have the final episode of ‘Spartacus.’ How much fighting, how many characters? Somebody had to make all that up. Sometimes we were doing that on the spot… But yeah, the fights in ‘Banshee,’ they’re all fist fights. That kind of stuff is all awesome. I think the last fight I saw – ‘cause I haven’t seen the last couple of episodes is between the [Ukranian] guy and the girl — [Ivana Milicevic] — and it was like 10-minutes long, just using everything in the room. And that was awesome.

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Access: At the end of Episode 9 – Agron was returned to the rebels as part of the 500 promised in a bargain with Crassus. And your character was reunited with Nasir. What have fans said to you about their sweet reunion?

Dan: They loved it… They loved the fact that they’re alive. I think the only thing they care about is that they’re alive… It’s interesting just going online and just seeing the intense focus that they have on everything. I was seeing reports and people talking about… ‘Would I actually be able to fight having a nail through my hand?’… But, it’s great, I love the fact that they’re so involved in the whole Nagron story. It’s amazing to have such a powerful impact on the Nagron fandom.

Access: What do you want to hint at about what’s going to happen with Nagron?

Dan: I think the only thing I can hint is whatever happens, it happens together.

Access: What did they do on the set on your last day?

Dan: Chloe [Smith], the producer, she was on set… [She] basically just stood up and gave a bit of a speech and just thanked me and I went over and gave her a hug and shook everybody’s hand and that was that… I think they had to shoot another scene after that and it was just business as usual and that’s the way it works really. It was just a nice little speech and round of applause, very humbling, very nice.

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Access: A number of your friends from the show live in LA – will you do something together? I think [Creator] Steven S. DeKnight mentioned on Twitter a cast screening.

Dan: Yeah, we’re all going to the screening… We’re gonna pop along to that and have a screening and kind of like get dressed up, make it all fancy and enjoy the final episode.

Access: That’ll be super fun… So with the series ending, what do you suggest fans do when the show’s over? Next week they will not have this anymore. Should they start again at the beginning?

Dan: I don’t know. I guess just like any movie or TV series that you love, yeah, watch it again. You probably find that you just find [out] more every single time you watch it. But also, just know that everybody that was in the show will eventually have something else to do, so we won’t disappear. But I guess the only thing I can say [to the fans] is really just thank you. Thank you for the ride, thank you for being supportive and it’s been an absolutely pleasure to be a part of it.

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“Spartacus: War of the Damned” concludes tonight at 9PM on Starz.

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