Star Approved Spring Slim Down Treatments

One hour weight loss the stars stand by? To lose the last few annoying pounds for spring, they go to the Exhale Spa for ?Power Body Detox? ? a $180 treatment Victoria Beckham and Heidi Klum undergo regularly.

?You can lose in your first session anywhere from four to 12 inches,? says Exhale Spa Director Susan Tomback.

AH Style: Lose Inches At Exhale

After several measurements are taken, the body is brushed all over to increase circulation.

?This next product here is the anti-cellulite serum,? notes Exhale Spa?s Brenda Menjivar.

It includes caffeine, a diuretic that speeds up water loss. Next, a firming cream is applied.

?It?s a diuretic as well,? Brenda says.

After a special clay is applied, electrical cords are then hooked up and together the clay and electric pulses work to strengthen muscles and promote the release of toxins.

?You?re gonna feel a tickly, pringly sensation. It?s gonna diminish once I raise frequency you?ll start feeling the flexing of the muscles,? Brenda says.

The electrical induced muscle flexing lasts for thirty minutes.

In total, 4.5 inches were lost throughout the midsection, instantly.

?There was 1.5 in the upper waist and then a 1/2 an inch on the natural waist — 1.5 on the lower waist and 1 inch off the upper hip area and she’ll keep losing more inches within the next couple days as she keeps drinking water,? Brenda says.

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