Star Trek’s Zachary Quinto: Spock Is Unleashed In Into Darkness

Star Fleet’s favorite Vulcan is not to be messed with in “Star Trek Into Darkness”

Access Hollywood’s Scott Mantz sat down with the movie’s cast, including Zachary Quinto, who plays the half-alien in the J.J. Abrams’ movie, at the movie’s junket in London, where he revealed that some details about the highly anticipated sequel.

“Spock kicks some ass in this one,” the 35-year-old actor said. “Spock really kicks some ass!”

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In addition to some major butt-kicking, Zachary said the movie-making is especially magical.

“It’s also so epic and magnificent… and it’s visual, it’s so stunning. The visual effects of this movie, for me, are really unparalleled,” the actor continued. “But it’s always anchored. It’s always anchored in connection and emotion and relationships and character and it’s a special blend and I think [J.J.] does it better than just about anybody.”

Chris Pine, who stars as James T. Kirk again, told Scott that die-hard fans and newcomers alike will both be happy with the latest addition to the series.

“You have the people protecting the legacy of it and the story of it,” Chris said of the creative team behind the movie. “I think it will please the fans. But also, it opens up the story, I think, to a whole new generation of people that would not necessarily maybe go towards ‘Star Trek’ because they thought it was too science fiction.”

Zach and Chris’ co-star, Zoe Saldana (who plays Uhura), also gave Scott an update on her other science fiction franchise, James Cameron’s planned “Avatar” sequels.

“Last I spoke to [James,] he was just finalizing the scripts,” Zoe said. “So he’s definitely in a very important place because [in] trying to finish, I would assume trying to finish a story is very delicate because you want to make sure you’re not manipulating it versus allowing the story to unfold itself if you trust that you wrote and you created a very, a strong solid concrete foundation.”

Adding, “I think that these [‘Avatar’] characters are going to dictate on their own the kind of journey [they will go on]. I’m super excited. I know that I’m going to be just as thrilled as I was when I got to put on my little uniform and ponytail and play Uhura.”

“Star Trek Into Darkness” blasts into theaters on May 17, 2013.

— Jesse Spero

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