Stephen Fry Reveals He Has Prostate Cancer: ‘This Was Quite An Aggressive Little Bugger’

Stephen Fry
Stephen Fry attends a CW party in Los Angeles, 2016. (Getty Images)

British actor Stephen Fry has been secretly battling prostate cancer, he announced in a Twitter video post on Friday. 

“For the last 2 months I’ve been in the throes of a rather unwelcome and unexpected adventure. I’m sorry I haven’t felt able to talk about it till now, but here I am explaining what has been going on,” Stephen shared alongside a video explaining his difficult journey. 

Stephen revealed that he found out about his cancer diagnosis after a routine physical from his doctor before Christmas that showed he had higher than average PSA levels. He then had an MRI and transrectal biopsy, before doctors diagnosed him with adenocarcinoma, a type of cancerous tumor. 

Stephen underwent surgery and had 11 lymph nodes and his prostate taken out in January and noted that his cancer was particularly aggressive. 

“This was quite an aggressive little bugger,” Fry shared in his video. “As far as we know, it’s all been got. … I won’t know for sure until my PSA levels are checked. They should be 0 now because I have no prostate. But if there is anything left on the bed of the prostate, then I’ll need radiotherapy and the whole damn process will start again.”

The 60-year-old actor said he never thought cancer would happen to him. 

“Cancer, in the end, that’s a word that just rings in your head,” he shared. “You’re not supposed to get cancer. I know it’s an old cliché, but you don’t think it’s going to happen to you. Cancer is something that happens to other people!”

And that the disease has definitely taken its toll on his body and his mindset. 

“It’s a bit of a business having an operation like that,” Fry said. “There’s 5 holes punctured in me. It’s like being stabbed 5 times when you’re asleep. .. It’s the same kind of traumatic effect. You think, ‘I’m going to recover really well.’ But it takes longer than it might and it’s all pretty undignified and unfortunate.”

Stephen Fry announced his marriage to Elliott Spencer on January 17 in a Twitter post that read, ‘Gosh. @ElliottGSpencer and I go into a room as two people, sign a book and leave as one. Amazing’

Stephen credited a strong family support system, including his husband of almost three years, Elliot G. Spencer for helping him get past this difficult time. 

“My family and my devine, darling husband were just marvelous. And those friends who have known have been very kind about it,” he continued. I’m lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful people. Lucky to have such an incredibly team working for me. And lucky to have an immune system working for me.”

Stephen ended his video with an emotional yet hopeful message about continuing to live. 

“Here’s hoping I get another few years left on this planet,” Fry told his fans. “‘Cause I enjoy life. That’s a marvelous thing to be able to say. And I really hope it doesn’t go away.”

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