Steve Carell’s ‘The Office’ Co-Stars Hilariously Crash His ‘SNL’ Monologue

Ellie Kemper, Jenna Fischer, host Steve Carell, and Ed Helms during the "Saturday Night Live" monologue

The Dunder-Mifflin gang is back together again! Well, sort of.

Steve Carell got a surprise visit during his “Saturday Night Live” monologue over the weekend, when several of his castmates from “The Office” appeared in the audience to try and encourage him to participate in a revival of the beloved NBC comedy.

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The bit began with Steve politely shutting down a reboot question and explaining that he would rather let the series’ legacy stand as is.

“No, I don’t think so,” he said. “It was a great experience and I love all those people, but I just don’t think it’s the best idea. I think maybe we should just leave it alone.”

However, Steve seemed to be in the minority once Ellie Kemper, Ed Helms and Jenna Fischer delighted viewers with determined efforts to convince their former TV boss to come back aboard.  

“People would really love to see an ‘Office’ reboot,” Ellie said, before revealing her true motivation. “I mean, especially me. ‘Cause I need that money. Let’s get that money, Steve!”

“I just don’t think you understand just how much money we’re talking about,” Ed later quipped, when the hefty payday potential didn’t seem to entice his longtime pal.

The “Hangover” star then poked fun at Steve’s acclaimed film career, which includes a Best Actor Oscar nomination for 2014’s “Foxcatcher” and current rave reviews for this season’s awards hopeful “Beautiful Boy.”

“You wouldn’t have to do all those sad movies anymore,” he pointed out, before shutting down Steve’s alternate suggestion with an epic burn.

“Ed, why don’t we just have a party instead?” Steve offered. “We could all get together, catch up, no cameras, just friends.”

“Oh, we already do that,” Ed admitted. “We just don’t invite you.”


As for Jenna, she tried her best to pique Steve’s interest with a memory from their last episode together, but didn’t make it too far before hilariously losing her patience.

“Don’t be a d***, Steve. Just do the reboot!” she huffed.

After an additional plea from his real-life wife, Nancy, and their two kids, Steve appeared to be finally swayed and invited Ellie, Ed and Jenna onstage – only to end up delivering the ultimate fake-out.

“I am proud to announce officially…that we have a great show tonight!” he said, as the “SNL” band kicked off the “Office” theme song.

All joking aside, many “Office” fans have been clamoring for an update on the antics at Dunder-Mifflin, especially following the successful revival of “Will & Grace.”

However, Steve previously spoke out against the idea in an interview with Esquire published last month, explaining why the post-#MeToo era might not welcome his character’s cringe-worthy personality.

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“The climate’s different. I mean, the whole idea of that character, Michael Scott, so much of it was predicated on inappropriate behavior. I mean, he’s certainly not a model boss,” he told the mag.

“A lot of what is depicted on that show is completely wrong-minded. That’s the point, you know? But I just don’t know how that would fly now,” he added.

“The Office” ran for nine seasons from 2005-2013 on NBC. Carell left the show after Season 7, but returned for a heartfelt cameo in the final episode.

— by Erin Biglow

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