‘Suits’: Rick Hoffman On Mike’s Arrest, Louis’ Reaction & The Threat Of Jack Soloff

Mike Ross’ secret is out on “Suits,” and the whole firm is at risk. 

Moments after he turned in his resignation to Harvey Specter (after deciding he wanted to live a truthful life with his fiancé Rachel) in last year’s summer finale, Mike (Patrick J. Adams) was arrested.

As “Suits” returns, expect Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) to look after his family at the firm, as they face this crisis.

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“I can hint that Louis is a like a utility guy in these six episodes. He’s learned a lot from his counterparts and he has matured in some ways, but we all know that even if he’s matured in some ways, Louis is Louis and he always ends up falling on his own feet. But for these six episodes, he’s just trying to make sure nobody further harms themselves in this situation with Mike being prosecuted,” Rick told Access Hollywood. “So he’s more of a protector of the firm and trying to make sure there’s no further damage done.”

Tensions at the law firm will be incredibly high, as those who we were aware of Mike’s secret prior to it being made public, are at greater risk.

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“Based on what happened with Mike in handcuffs, it’s now more tense than ever because this could potentially implicate everybody,” Rick said. 

Power-hungry Jack Soloff could make matters worse. As Suitors know, he’ll do just about anything to get his name on the door, and he remains a big threat as Season 5 continues.

“You asked about the tensions being high, and they couldn’t be higher, and that includes newer characters coming in who are looking out for themselves, to take advantage and Jack Soloff is definitely one of them,” Rick said. “He’s around. He’s circling… like a piranha.” 

Five-and-a-half seasons in, the writers finally decided to make Mike’s secret public, but did Rick ever think that day was actually going to come for the show?

“It’s a good question,” he said, pausing for a moment. “Yeah, I did think it was going to come, I just wasn’t sure when and if the decision to bring it in the fifth season was too early, too late, but it seems to me like it’s just at the right time.” 

“Suits” returns Wednesday night at 10 PM ET/PT on USA.

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