‘Suits’: Rick Hoffman On Louis Litt’s Predicament

Rick Hoffman’s Louis Litt is inching closer to discovering Mike Ross’ secret on “Suits.”

In the midseason return of the series, Louis followed up on Mike’s missing file in Sheila’s archives, and seemed content to let it rest when he received Mike’s Harvard transcript. But then, another bomb hit at the end of last week’s episode – Mike got an A+ in a Harvard class no one gets an A+ in.

“That’s his life. It’s the firm, it’s not anything else. He’s the most loyal person in that firm and if there is something that is kind of wrinkling that area, that arena, he will do anything to protect it, so he means business,” Rick told Access Hollywood.

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Louis expressed a theory in last week’s episode — that Mike went to a lesser law school and lied about going to Harvard. But, if he found out the full truth – that Mike didn’t go to any law school at all – how would it affect Louis?

“Look, obviously this a completely far out comparison and there is no show like ‘Breaking Bad,’ but I do feel like Hank, who has his flaws or whatever, no matter what happens, even its family, Hank would have to turn his brother in law in, if that was the case,” Rick explained.

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“There is a small comparison as far as doing the only thing one knows, which is the right thing,” Rick added. “There’s no talking down Louis and [saying], ‘Hey man, let’s just let that slide.’ Not in that regard. For his own personal life, you know, he’s a mess, but not when it comes to loyalty to the firm.”

“Suits” continues Thursday at 9/8c on USA.

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