Taylor Swift Plays A Red Headed Seductress In Sugarland’s New Music Video – 5 More Times She Wigged Out!


Taylor Swift did something bad in Sugarland’s new music video.

The country music duo dropped the trailer for their collaboration with Taylor, “Babe,” on Wednesday, but the “Delicate” singer looks a little different. Taylor, who co-wrote the track, plays a red headed seductress in the vid and she’s coming for Jennifer Nettles’ man! 

1. When
Taylor went completely goth with black hair and a lip ring on “CSI”

5 Times Taylor Swift Wigged Out

If you were shocked by Taylor’s “reputation” transformation, you probably missed out on her 2009 episode of “CSI.” In her acting debut, she went from good girl to badass – lip ring, nose stud and all! This Taylor probably spent a lot of time writing moody blogs on MySpace.

2. That time she was the catty, brunette cheer captain in “You Belong With Me”

5 Times Taylor Swift Wigged Out

Blair Waldorf was left rattled after Taylor slayed as the mean girl in “You Belong With Me.” She was stealing everyone’s boyfriends, driving around in a red convertible and killing it at prom in a cut out gown – legendary.

3. When she looked completely unrecognizable with auburn hair in “The Giver”

5 Times Taylor Swift Wigged Out

While her role in “The Giver” was brief, it was a critical moment in Taylor’s hair history. This curly, brunette wig completely transformed her for the film in what I consider the most underrated performance by a supporting actress of all time.

4. Taylor was out for “Bad Blood” when Catastrophe stepped out to battle with a fiery bob

5 Times Taylor Swift Wigged Out

Wig flew. “Bad Blood” won a Grammy for Best Music Video, but one would argue that it should have won an Academy Award as well. Not only did Taylor assemble her super squad for the vid, but the scene where she waged war against Selena Gomez with a fiery red bob should be considered a pivotal moment in pop culture history.

5. Actress Taylor struck again in “Wildest Dreams” – serving old Hollywood realness with short, curly brown hair

5 Times Taylor Swift Wigged Out

She still rocked that red lip classic thing that we like, but she looked more Elizabeth Taylor than Swift in this video!

-Oscar Gracey

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