Taylor Swift’s Bridesmaid Speech Reveals Wild Night Out

Taylor Swift’s Music Returning To Spotify & Pandora (Getty Images)

Taylor Swift likely made a few people blush during her bridesmaid speech at pal Abigail Anderson’s wedding in Martha’s Vineyard this past weekend. 

In a short clip released on Instagram, Taylor is heard regaling the crowd of revelers with a story about her friend and Abigail’s new husband,  Matt Lucier, on a night prior to the wedding. 

“There’s falling, there’s stumbling,” Swift said in her speech. “They make it to the bathroom and I hear sounds that I can never un-hear.”


“And then, there’s silence…” 

Talk about a cliffhanger! While it is hard to make out what was really going on in her story about the bride and groom, it sounds like it was a pretty wild night for the pair.

In the short clip, bride Abigail is clearly laughing and smiling, showing that it was probably a funny memory for all involved.

Taylor definitely had a busy weekend. In between her bridesmaid duties, she also released a new track –“…Ready For It?” off her upcoming album, “Reputation.”

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