The Walking Dead: Karen & David’s Killer Revealed; Actor Talks Twist!

The person who killed Karen and David was revealed on Sunday night’s episode of AMC’s “The Walking Dead.”

(SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t yet watched Episode 403, bookmark this article and return after watching.)

In an attempt to try and stop the threat of the death flu in the prison, the person who killed sick residents Karen and David was — in a truly shocking twist — revealed to be. . . Carol!

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Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) managed to figure it out, asking Carol point blank at the end of the episode if she did it, something she confirmed.

Melissa McBride, who plays the character, addressed the twist with, noting there were some subtle hints along the way that pointed in Carol’s direction.

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“I was really surprised, but you know what? There was a lot… that Carol said in that council meeting,” Melissa said. “This season and these scripts, there’s just not a word wasted and so I was reading that and remembering that council meeting and how she behaved with the children and the urgency of everything and then when I read that it was actually Carol that killed Karen and David, I was really surprised sort of, but then not surprised. You know?”

It was at the council meeting in last Sunday’s episode (402, ‘Infected’) where Carol let her views about the sickness be known.

“Just the words in the council meeting kept coming back to me — ‘If they die, they’re a threat. You die, you’re a threat.’ And there’s so much going on in the prison right now and these deaths from the flu are immediate, practically, and there is no cure in sight,” Melissa said of the hints that came before the big reveal. “But there was some great speculation going on around set as to who it could have been.”

UPDATE: Click here to read our full Q&A with Melissa McBride about what’s now ahead for Carol!

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