‘The Walking Dead’ Q&A: Christian Serratos Talks Rosita, Season 5 Finale

“The Walking Dead” Season 5 concludes this Sunday on AMC and actress Christian Serratos has some advice for those watching the finale: keep your eyes open!

“It’s just going to give you everything you want and more and you just gotta not blink,” she told Access Hollywood of the 90-minute episode.

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Over the course of Season 5, we’ve gotten to know Christian’s character, Rosita Espinosa, and her companions, Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz) and Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt), as they’ve settled in with the group. Rosita and Abraham even brought a little spice to the show when we got to see their romance showcased on the zombie apocalypse drama. Access spoke with Christian about the developments we’ve seen with Rosita this season, which job she’d like to see her character take and what we can expect in the finale. We also had to ask about something we’ve heard about from other cast members this season – a game some of the stars played behind the scenes during filming.

AccessHollywood.com: I’ve heard from a few of your castmates that you guys play Heads Up behind the scenes and you are the best at it. Is that right?
Christian Serratos:
I am. I’m the catalyst for that and I’m also the best at it (laughs).

Access: Who plays it with you? I’ve heard Steven [Yeun] and Ross [Marquand]?
Yeah. … Yeah, Steven’s really good at it. I think the most aggressive Heads Up players are me and Lauren [Cohan], for sure. If you’re on a team with Lauren, you’re not getting a word in edgewise and if you’re on a team with me, you’re not getting a word in edgewise (laughs). It’s us, we take full control and we’re good at it. … We know what we’re doing (laughs).

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Access: So, let’s talk about Rosita. How do you think Rosita has felt being in Alexandria?
Well, I think they’re all obviously a little cautious because that’s just how they’re bred to be in their lives and in this world, but there’s a little hope in all of us and I feel like Rosita is never the type of person to drop her guard, but she’s definitely very hopeful that this could be a very good community for them.

Access: Did they give your character a job that we haven’t found out about yet, [or] that we might find out about?
I think that she had a job in the comic book and that is that she was a nurse. I don’t know if we’re going to see that on the show or not, but that was definitely her job in the comic books.

Access: If you were to give her a job, based on what’s going on in the show, where would you like to see her?
It would be great to see her fulfill her role from the comic book and to see her become a nurse, but Rosita is not the kind of — she doesn’t take a back seat to much, so I feel like she’s, no matter what, going to always be protecting and in the action because that’s all she knows as far as we know, is to protect. She’s been protecting Eugene this entire time. That’s been her job and her mission, so I feel like whatever she’s doing is going to be protecting as many people as she can.

Access: I thought it was really nice to see the romantic side of Rosita and Abraham this season. What did you love about that?
I just love to see who they are coming out a little bit more, which is great, and that’s a big part of their storyline, is the fact that they’re together and so to see that relationship air was really exciting, because I don’t think people really got a grasp of that in Season 4 when Abraham’s army came on to the show. I think definitely it was the ‘Self-Help’ episode that really brought it to people’s attention, so hopefully we’ll just keep seeing more of it reveal itself.

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Access: When did you guys find out that the finale was going to be 90-minutes long?
We heard rumors about it, but it wasn’t really confirmed until probably like two months ago, but yeah, it’s definitely something that was important to everybody. We had just such an incredible script, you know, that we want to give it to them. We want to let y’all have it (laughs).

Access: Was [this script] different from other scripts?
No, I think it was unintentional. … We just got a lot of great moments and stuff and so I guess they’re just gonna let them play out and there’s just a lot of information, probably a lot angles, and you’re just gonna feel like you’re completely immersed in a world.

Michael Cudlitz and Christian Serratos in ‘The Walking Dead’ (AMC)

Access: In the trailer we see Deanna sitting down with some of the gang. … She says they have to talk about Rick. Do you think there’s potential for the group to split up?
I don’t know. I feel like these people have been through so much with each other that it’s going to be hard to come between them, but I guess it’s just something that we’re going to have to wait and find out about. But yeah, I think that they’ve been through a lot, so it’s going to be rough for somebody to do that, but we’ll see. Maybe Deanna’s the one.

Access: She’s so interesting. … Also, where is she getting hair straighteners in the zombie apocalypse? I know they have some types of power, but her hair is so perfectly straight!
Perfectly straight. You know what? She probably heard that there was an apocalypse coming and she went and got a Brazilian blow out, and laser hair removal and made sure to set herself up good.

Access: That’s funny! So I know you can’t talk about specifics in the finale, but… can you talk about how intense it’s going to get? The last few episodes have really ramped up.
Yeah, and I’ve said it this entire season — this season has been my favorite thus far and I just think we started off with a bang, escaping the train car and we’re gonna end with a bang. We really haven’t let up and we’ve been saying that constantly — that this entire season you’re going to be on the edge of your seat, you’re going to get things that you don’t expect and that couldn’t be more true for the finale. That’s exactly what’s going to happen and we’ve already proved that by extending the episode. It’s just going to give you everything you want and more and you just gotta not blink!

“The Walking Dead” Season 5 finale airs Sunday at 9 PM ET/PT on AMC.

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