Thomas Rhett & Danielle Bradbery On Teaming Up Again For Their Emotional New Song, ‘Goodbye Summer’

Thomas Rhett and Danielle Bradbery are putting their musical spin on the classic summer romance!

The country stars have teamed up again for the romantic and emotional new single, “Goodbye Summer.” The original version of the song, “Hello Summer,” was on “The Voice” winner’s sophomore album, “I Don’t Believe We’ve Met” and featured Danielle singing solo. However, this latest release also includes Thomas’ smooth vocals!

The duo chatted with Access exclusively about how the collaboration came to life!

“I’ve known Danielle for quite a while now, and it has been really amazing to get to watch her grow into the artist that she is today,” Thomas said. “I’ve said it since day one, but I truly believe Danielle is the best singer that I’ve heard in my entire life—maybe minus Aretha Franklin. ‘Hello Summer’ was always one of my favorite songs on that album, so for her to ask me to be a part of it was such a huge honor. I think this song is going to be a big song for her, and I’m just so excited to be a part of the ride.”

Thomas co-wrote “Hello Summer” alongside his dad, Rhett Akins, Julian Bunetta and The Cadillac Three’s Jaren Johnston. At first, it was supposed to appear on his album “Life Changes,” but something just didn’t feel quite right. 

“When I wrote the song, it was from a guy’s perspective, but as we started to listen and started to record for my album, there was something about it that fully didn’t fit me,” Thomas explained. “And when someone suggested Danielle put her voice on it, for a second I was like, ‘How would that work?’ It literally was just as easy as changing she to he in the song, and when she started singing it the emotion was just so much deeper than when I was singing it.”

But now, fans will get the best of both worlds with the updated “Goodbye Summer” duet!

Danielle Bradbery and Thomas Rhett
NASHVILLE, TN – AUGUST 30: Singer-songwriters Danielle Bradbery and Thomas Rhett pose backstage during 10th Annual ACM Honors at the Ryman Auditorium on August 30, 2016 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images for ACM)

“Now that we’re both on it, it’s so nice that you kind of get that perspective from both points of view,” Thomas said. “It’s kind of in a perfect spot right now. I’m so pumped for both of our fans to be able to hear it and to jam to it.”

The “Marry Me” singer also described the vibe of the song, which tackles the emotional ups and downs of a passionate summer love.

“Everybody has gone through that summer phase where it’s amazing from May to August, then it either burns out or it keeps going,” Thomas said. “It’s that summer romance that while you’re in it you think it’s never going to fade, but then somebody has to go back home or somebody has to go back to school. All of sudden it’s just ripped away from you just because of the changing of the season.”

Danielle added, “I’ve had that somebody that I’ve had a crush on, and you think it’s going to last and then there’s something that comes up. It’s crazy because even if you don’t talk to them again or see them again, you’ll always remember that one person. So many people can relate in some way, which I think is so cool. The idea of the song—I love it.”

The two musicians have frequently collaborated over the years, and 22-year-old Danielle expressed nothing but gratitude for the opportunity to work with an experienced country artist like Thomas.

“He’s very, very talented, and I definitely have learned a lot working with him,” she said. “Being a younger artist and still trying to get up there, it’s really inspiring to work with somebody like Thomas Rhett who has killed it in this artist game. He has had his own No. 1’s and has had his No. 1’s with other artists. The fact that we get to do this together is really exciting, and I’m crossing my fingers for this to be my first No. 1, hopefully!”

Thomas Rhett and Danielle Bradbery’s “Goodbye Summer” is available now.

— Gabi Duncan

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