Tina Fey Explains Being A 24-Year-Old Virgin

“30 Rock” creator and star, Tina Fey, has a slew of Emmys under her belt, but she also has the distinction of being grouped with supermodel Adriana Lima, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and Brooke Shields – all alleged members of the celebrities who remained virgins until their 20s club!

During her appearance on “The Late Show With David Letterman” on Wednesday night, Dave showed Tina a copy of a recent Us Weekly, which profiled stars who abstained until their 20s.

“It’s all these people who were virgins until they were really old,” Tina said, referring to Us Weekly’s alleged group of celeb virgins.

But, according to Tina, she differs from the rest of the stars listed.

“All the other people [on the list] – that was a choice on their part!” Tina joked. “Adriana Lima is a Victoria’s Secret model. She made a choice!”

“It has here you, Tina Fey…24 years old,” Dave pointed out. “Well, there’s nothing wrong with that.”

“No,” Tina said agreeing with Dave, but added, “Couldn’t give it away! Couldn’t give it away back in the day.”

Dave then pointed out that Tina’s first time was with her husband and the father of her daughter.

“That’s just good Christian values,” Tina joked. “Or…being homely!”

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