Travis Scott Says Seeing The Placenta Totally Freaked Him Out During The Birth of Baby Stormi

Travis Scott admitted that watching his love Kylie Jenner give birth to their daughter, Stormi, made him a little squeamish – especially the placenta!

The 27-year-old rapper revealed his fears on a visit to the “The Ellen Show” on Monday, Nov 12. When Ellen asked about his daughter Stormi’s birth back in February, Travis couldn’t hold back his commentary.

“There’s like this thing called the placenta that I’d been hearing about,” he said with a frightened expression. “So, oh my god was I fearful of that.”

Luckily, his mother-in-law Kris Jenner was there to help the new father along the way!

“I cut the umbilical cord, but she held it down, Mama KJ,” he said referring to Kris. “She’s the best.”

For those that are unfamiliar, the placenta is the organ that develops during pregnancy to provide the baby with oxygen and other nutrients (the gross part is when it is expelled from the body after the woman gives birth!).

However, when Travis held his baby for the first time all his fears melted away.

“You know when you like first had a baby in your arms it’s just like, it’s uncontrollable. It’s just like this whole like warp, you know that takes over your whole body,” he explained. “I never thought I could love something so hard.”

Travis’ girlfriend Kylie has recently revealed that she would like to try for another. She opened up to fans on Snapchat that she is hopeful that she has another girl and would like to give her a “really feminine name.”

Sending our best wishes to this growing family!

WATCH: Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Take Daughter Stormi To Her First Pumpkin Patch

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