‘The Vampire Diaries’: Paul Wesley On Stefan & Damon Childhood Flashbacks

Stefan and Damon Salvatore are about to take a trip back in time on Thursday’s “The Vampire Diaries.” 

In the “Mommie Dearest” episode, airing at 8/7c on The CW, the brothers head to flashback-land, as old memories from their early childhood take center stage in the vampire drama. 

“You see two actors — young actors — who are playing Stefan and Damon as I believe like 6 and 8-year-olds or something or maybe 8 and 10-year-olds,” Paul Wesley told reporters on the show’s set in Atlanta last week. 

WATCH: Paul Wesley Talks Stefan/Damon/Lily Flashbacks On ‘The Vampire Diaries’

“You do a flashback and you sort of see this  they had an abusive relationship with their father and so you kind of get a glimpse of that,” he said.

Paul, who plays Stefan, said the scenes will shed new light on mama Salvatore.  

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“I think it’s also insight into Lily’s psyche and perhaps explains her behavior a little bit more, by showing some of her past — some of the things that occurred in the past,” he added

While Stefan’s feelings for Julian won’t be changing, the flashbacks could change how Stefan – and possibly Damon – view the past. 

“Initially it makes them hostile,” Paul said of how Stefan and Damon react to the flashbacks. “But then, I think then it makes them more empathetic to her struggles because she reveals some key things that they didn’t really know. They thought that she was just being a selfish person and really just not a good mom when ultimately there was sort of a softer side to her that they were just unaware of.” 

“The Vampire Diaries” continues Thursday at 8/7c on The CW. 

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