Will Smith Congratulates ‘Black Panther’ Cast On Blockbuster Success: ‘I’m Proud & Excited’

Will Smith is bowing down to the King of Wakanda.

The 49-year-old big screen legend personally congratulated the cast of “Black Panther” on the film’s blockbuster success in an Instagram video on Wednesday. Not only did Will love the film – it almost brought him to tears!

“What you have done is spectacular,” he says in the vid. “I watched the film a couple of days ago, and damn near got brought to tears. You guys have challenged – and potentially even shattered – a lot of long time, long held false Hollywood beliefs and paradigms.” 

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I want to share something that Nelson Mandela said to me. . He said, “With the type of fame that you have attained it is important when you encounter your fans that you — Reach Your Hand Out and let them Feel Your Flesh. You have to prove to them that you are REAL — because people can not aspire to anything they do not believe is Real.” . So I say to you, Congratulations! Enjoy this Transcendent Moment. Go into the streets… Touch them… Let them know that you are real! . @chadwickboseman, @michaelbjordan @lupitanyongo @letitiawright @danaigurira @danielkaluuya @im.angelabassett @andyserkis @winstoncduke @sterlingkbrown @rmorrison @therealstanlee @ludwiggoransson @iamruthecarter #blackpanther . With Pure Delight WILL 🙂

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Disney-Marvel’s latest hit has slashed the box office with an impressive $263.1 million haul in the U.S. over five days. Worldwide, the film has already raked in $462.3 million through Tuesday.

“Black Panther” is the first solo superhero movie to feature a black star and predominantly black cast in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s 10-year history. With the movie reaching phenomenon-levels of success, fans hope this inspires Marvel – and the rest of Hollywood – to create more movies starring people of color as leads. 

‘Black Panther’: Breaking Down The Cultural Impact Of Marvel’s First Black Superhero Movie

“I’m proud, excited damn near giddy,” Will concluded before signing off with a “Wakanda forever” gesture.

Wakanda forever indeed. 

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